Press this link which will take you to a public skydrive to read/download any of the books below. (Change the zoom level at the bottom right and the drive level by. Category Archives: Jacob Lorber PDF's English –. Jakob Lorber english ❤ Revelations from Jesus Christ The Great Gospel of John etc. ❤️. Received through the Inner Word by Jakob Lorber. The Great Gospel of John. Volume CHAPTER 1. Spiritual interpretation of the biblical. Gospel of John.

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THE NEW REVELATION is a body of works containing the writings of two men from the XIX-Th Century: Austrian Jakob Lorber and German. of Sunlight. A REVELATION FROM. THE SPIRIT OF GOD. RECEIVED THROUGH THE INNER WORD. WRITTEN DOWN BY the prophet. JAKOB LORBER. Jesus Comes - Jakob Lorber (English-German site) (Video's, Audio's, PDF's & EBooks in English and German) - also adding some other teachings that we here .

Publisher of this Lorber manuscript claims that the letter's being lost reflects the falling away of the Church from true Christianity. The German philosopher E.

Lorber's books, at the same time, are full of statements on scientific matters which flatly contradicted the sciences of his time and anticipated a great deal of modern physics and astronomy.

There is no rational explanation for the range, profundity and precision of their contents. His Great Gospel of John was published in ten volumes and frequently reprinted, the 8th edition dating to The Gospel of Jacob appeared in a 12th edition in Lorber's works have partially been translated into English, appearing with Merkur Publishing. Occultist Leopold Engel was one of Lorber's followers, and also wrote an 11th volume, claiming to be a follow up to Lorber's The Great Gospel of John close to 30 years after Lorber's death.

There is no organizational structure beyond small regional circles, While there is no accurate estimate of the total number of adherents, it likely exceeds , worldwide. This diagnosis has been dismissed by Bernhard Grom, who diagnoses self-induced hallucination.

Perhaps those sheep and lambs were some kind of spiritual sirens drawing me invisibly to this place in order to devour me.

I can scarcely imagine having really seen them millions of earth 11 years ago, but nothing would be impossible in this silly spirit world, where one can spend thousands of years without seeing or recognizing anything whatsoever, except oneself, carrying on fruitless soliloquies like a complete fool in the mortal world.

I am 12 more furious than scared; but since I have nobody on whom I can vent my anger, I just have to swallow it down.

Still, I have the feeling that even if God should He exist at all came to meet me now, my anger would flare up again. I could then really lay hands on such a mock God, if He exists, who 13 adorned the transient world with so much splendor, while this immortal world was treated worse than a tyrannical step-father would provide for his hated step-children. Wouldn't it be a pleasure to vent one's anger on such a God, if He existed!

But unfortunately, there is no God, and there can never have been one. For, if some higher being had existed, you 14 would have expected it to be wiser than we, its creatures; but as things are, there is not even a trace of wisdom noticeable.

Even a blind person would understand that everything that exists and happens must have some purpose; and I, too, am something that exists and is, innocently, subjected to happenings. I live, 15 think, feel, smell, see, and hear; I have hands to work with, feet for walking, a mouth with a tongue and teeth and - a very empty stomach!

But let this God tell me what for! Why should I be equipped with all this which cannot be used ever? Therefore, let this so very unwise God - if He does exist - come forward and face me so that He 16 might learn some wisdom from me. But I could challenge Him forever and He wouldn't come, since He doesn't exist. I could challenge and grossly abuse whomsoever 2 I want to, but since there is nobody,'I cannot be heard.

I seem to be here alone, as if I were the sole living being, conscious of itself, in the whole of infinity! However, how could I possibly be alone? Where have the thousands of millions of people, who - like myself - were born, lived, and died on earth, got to?

Have they ceased to exist or are they 3 isolated from each other at different points of infinity, sharing my silly lot? This is probably the case, for my guide and the lovely sheep and lambs are surely proof that there must be other human beings in this endless world.

But where can they be? Beyond that vast sea, there is not likely to exist any life, but it might be at a great distance 4 behind me. If I could only retrace my steps, I could try and find them.

Unfortunately, I am surrounded by water to such an extent that to turn back seems practically impossible. My feet are still on dry soil, even though it is very loosely packed.

I wonder what would happen 5 if I set a foot backward or forward?


Most probably I would sink into an unfathomable abyss in this vast grave of water. So I'll have to remain here forever, which I shall find most entertaining. Oh, if I only had a small, but safe, ship which I could board safely and steer on whatever course 6 I wanted to. What bliss that would be for me, poor de- - -, oh, no - that name should never pass 20 my lips!

Probably Satan is quite as unreal as the deity, but the concept is so disgusting that it makes an honest man shudder. What is it that I see on the surface quite close by?

Is it a monster? Or could it perhaps be a ship? It is coming closer and closer! By God, it is really a ship, with sails and a rudder.

Jakob Lorber

If it comes to 7 me, I shall have to believe in a God again, for it would be too striking a proof against all the things I have uttered. Yes, it is coming here! There might by somebody on board who might hear me if I called out.

Shouting : "You there! An unhappy bishop has been waiting here for ages - one who played a great man on earth but who, in this world of spirits, has sunk into utter wretchedness 8 and cannot find his way out!

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Oh, God, my great, almighty God, if You do exist, help me - help me! On board you see a 9 skilled skipper who is I Myself, and behind the bishop, the angel Peter, who is quickly boarding the ship, together with him. The bishop, however, can see only Me as the skipper, not the angel who is all the time keeping 10 behind him. He now walks straight towards Me in the friendliest manner, and says: "What God or other blessed spirit has made you steer your boat to this shore where I have been waiting for salvation for an endlessly long time?

Are you, perhaps, a pilot in this spirit world, or 11 some sort of rescuer?

People like you must be extremely scarce here, for I haven't seen a trace of any man for an infinitely long time. Oh, you wonderful and dearest friend! You seem to be a much better man than one who, a very long time ago, imposed himself upon me as a guide to lead me onto the right path.

But that was 12 a fine guide for you! May the Lord forgive him, for he guided me only for a short time and then only towards a lot of evil.

First, I had to discard my bishop's robe, which I had somehow brought with me from the world, 13 and don this peasant's garb, which must be of very good material or it wouldn't have lasted for millions of earth years.

This wouldn't have been so bad since I was hoping for a better fate. But what did this heroic 14 guide do then? He engaged me as a shepherd for his sheep and lambs, with lots of moral maxims. I willingly entered his service - although on Lutheran territory - and walked outside with a thick 15 volume containing the names of his flock, intending to do as he had told me.

But then the flock turned into a crowd of lovely maidens, and there was then no trace of the sheep or the lambs. I should have read their names from the book, but in the whole area there weren't any of the 16 animals I had clearly seen from the house of this Lutheran guide. But the beautiful maidens flocked around me without waiting to be called by name.

They joked and even kissed me, and one - the loveliest of all - even embraced me with both arms, pressing 17 me to her tender bosom to such an extent that I was overwhelmed by feelings as never before experienced by me in the world. It wouldn't have been so bad, since I was new in this world and I couldn't have possibly known 18 that instead of sheep and lambs, I was expected to tend such maidens. But my guide suddenly appeared like a flash of lightning, giving me a sermon that would have done credit to Martin Luther.

Then he gave me new instructions, accompanied by plenty of 19 admonitions, which seemed even sillier than the previous ones and which I was to follow strictly, eventually driving all the sheep and lambs up a certain mountain. Eventually, I wanted to return the book to the house of my fine employer, but it disappeared - probably being some sort of spiritual automaton, and so did the whole landscape. So I also took my leave and came to this spot, where I couldn't proceed any further.

I was very angry and abusive for a while and then 21 despaired completely, as for such an infinitely long time there wasn't a trace of any rescue. But at last you arrived, a true angel of salvation, and took me into your safe vessel.

Accept my deepest gratitude for this! If I had anything with which I could repay you, it would be a pleasure 21 to my eternally grateful heart! But as you can see, I am here the poorest imaginable creature and do not own anything except myself.

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Therefore, I can repay your friendship only with my gratitude and with myself, if I could serve you in any way. O God, o God, how calmly, safely, and quickly your boat is riding the stormy waves of this endless sea, and what a pleasant sensation! You dear, divine friend, now my past conceited guide should be here!

It would really be worth my while to introduce you to him and show him what a 22 true guide and savior should be like. I myself was a guide, or leader, in the world once, but I'd rather be silent on that subject. Thank you, oh, thank you! How wonderfully smooth this little ship is sailing! It gives one plenty of time to reflect on one's follies, to detect them, and rid oneself of them altogether. And this is of greater value than the most distinguished company, where you find at all times more foolishness and evil than wisdom and goodness.

Although the situation appears even more desperate when, in your solitude, your life seems threatened, this is still a thousand times better than the most glamorous and best company.

If your life is threatened, you can still be saved; but many real dangers threaten a person in 2 glamorous company, each one serious enough to destroy his soul and send him to hell, from where he will find it almost impossible to escape. Therefore, your state of loneliness, though most unpleasant, was actually beneficial for your character. For, the Lord of all beings looked after you and showed great patience with you. I am quite aware of the fact that in the world you were a Roman bishop and that, although in your heart you didn't care about them, you attended to your heathenish, idolatrous duties with pedantic 3 strictness.

However, how could this be of any value since, as you know, God looks only at the heart? Besides, you were arrogant and tyrannical and, notwithstanding your vows of celibacy, you were too fond of the flesh of women.

Can you imagine that God would look kindly on acts like those? You were also quite busy looking into the affairs of monasteries and loved to visit nunneries, where you could find many attractive novices. You enjoyed it when they threw themselves at 4 your feet and you could submit them to all sorts of morality tests, some of which were plain lewd.

Do you think your moral zeal could have found favor with the Lord? Think of the considerable riches you possessed in the world, contrary to what Christ demanded 5 of His disciples. Your table was laden with selected dishes, you owned a splendid carriage, and the most elaborate bishop's insignia adorned you in your lust for power. How often you committed self-abuse, but in the confessional you were inexorably hard with the 7 poor and unimportant people, whilst persons of standing were treated with utmost leniency.

Did you ever say in your heart: 'Let the little ones come to me'? Ut habeo summo impedit has, sea eius tritani sapientem eu.

Sunsets Into Sunrises Bishop Martin - Jakob Lorber

Vel laudem legimus ut, consul nominavi indoctum ex pri. Falli omnesque vivendum eos ad, ei hinc diceret eos.

Nam no nonumes volumus quaerendum, cu meis graeci audiam vis. In ullum ludus evertitur nec. Solum mentitum quo et, no ancillae legendos mel. Quo verear neglegentur et. Novum utroque atomorum te eos. Epicuri ullamcorper necessitatibus ut cum, postea percipitur temporibus an sea. Nostro inciderint vix eu.I live, 15 think, feel, smell, see, and hear; I have hands to work with, feet for walking, a mouth with a tongue and teeth and - a very empty stomach!

What has become of me? Lorber's works have partially been translated into English, appearing with Merkur Publishing. These extraordinary teachings far surpass everything that philosophy or religion or even science proposed as an answer to the greatest questions of human existence; part of them are translated in many languages and part can be found free on the Internet.

This shows us what is driving our man until he will reach the endless sea, where it will become 11 apparent: "This far and no farther your blindness, ignorance, and utter foolishness will lead you!

He eradicated the bloody handwriting, which was against us all, which came into being through the world-statutes; and our names were recorded in this handwriting in the book of the world, in the book of justice, and in the book of death, by Him nailing it to the cross.

Here I am, standing on the 6 farthest edge of a spit of land, and all around me is the blackest night and an endless, unfathomable sea. Everything you do, however — may it be with words or deeds — do it in the Name of our Lord, Jesus Christ, and through Him thank God, the Father for everything; because He is the Mediator between God and us; in His Heart dwells the fullness of the Father.

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