Cheyenne, a blind sixteen year-old, is kidnapped and held for ransom; she must outwit her captors to get out alive. Sixteen year-old Cheyenne Wilder is. Girl, Stolen by April Henry extract - Read online for free. Just like in Girl, Stolen, the mom left the keys in the car and someone stole it. .. Susskind, Art Friedman - Quantum Mechanics_ The Theoretical Minimum (, Basic Books).pdf. Get Free Read & Download Files Girl Stolen April Henry PDF GIRL STOLEN APRIL HENRY - In this site isn`t the same as a solution manual you download in a book .

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Read "Girl, Stolen A Novel" by April Henry available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first download. Cheyenne, a blind. girl stolen april henry pdf. Henry Joseph Darger Jr. (/ ˈ d É'Ë•r É¡ É™r /; c. April 12, – April 13, ) was a reclusive. American writer and artist who. Girl, Stolen. by April Henry. Sixteen–year-old Cheyenne Wilder is sleeping in the back of a car while her mom fills her prescription for antibiotics. Before.

Somebody was stealing the car! And Cheyenne was pretty sure they didnt know she was in it. She froze, wondering how much the blanket covered her. She couldnt feel it on the top of her head. Cheyenne felt like a mouse she had seen in the kitchen one time when she turned on the light before school.

Caught in the middle of the floor, it had stood stock-still. Like maybe she wouldnt notice it if it didnt move. But it hadnt worked for the mouse, and now it didnt work for Cheyenne. She must have made some small sound. Or maybe the thief had looked back to see if someone was following and then realized what the shape was underneath the blanket. A swear word.

Girl, Stolen: eBook (ePub)

A guys voice. She had already halfway known that it was a guy, the way she sometimes just knew things now. Who the hell are you? His voice broke in surprise. What are you doing in Danielles car?

Their words collided and tangled. Both of them speaking too fast, almost yelling. Sitting up, she scrambled back against the door, the one farthest from him. Stop our car and get out! The engine surged as he drove faster. Cheyenne realized she was being kidnapped. But she couldnt see the guy who was kidnapping her or where they were going. Because for the last three years, Cheyenne had been blind.


She had black hair and huge brown eyes, wide with fright. Maybe she was pretty. Griffin didnt know. All he knew was that right now she was a big problem. Even though he was freaking out, he forced himself to think. Thank God no one was nearby. If he stopped and let her out, the way she kept demanding, this girl would run screaming to the first person she saw.

In ten minutes or less, he would be arrested. And then the cops would naturally drive out to their house, and everything would unravel.

All of them in jail. Probably for a long time. Instead of slowing down, Griffin accelerated as he turned out of the far end of the parking lot. It threw the girl off balance. He winced as her head clunked against the window, but still he kept going. He was acting on pure instinct 10 now. And instinct told him to get as far away as possible. Growing up around Roy, you got pretty good at running. Running and hiding. Griffin caught a break, hitting a gap in traffic.

He drove as fast as he could across the freeway overpass. The Escalade leaped forward when he pressed the accelerator, hitting sixty-five with no sign of strain. With the way today was going, the cops would pull him over for speeding.

Griffin needed time to think this through, but there was no way he could afford to take it. He figured he had to put as much distance as he could between whoever had been driving this car and the girl in the backseat, who must belong to them.

To get away from any witnesses who might be calling on their mobiles right now. Cutting in front of a red Honda, he took the next corner on two wheels, getting off the main road. He pounded the side of his head in frustration. How could he have been so stupid as to not notice that there was someone in the car? Griffin could hear Roy shouting at him, almost as real as the girl in the backseat, the girl who wouldnt stop yelling. He hadnt been able to see past the keys dangling in the ignition.

It was that simple, and that senseless. Griffin had been walking down the long rows of vehicles, looking like any other stressed-out Christmas shopper who couldnt find his car. Instead, he was looking for packages he could boost. The packages came from the big, boxy stores that 11 surrounded the acres and acres of the shopping centers parking lot.

The whole place was so big that most people left one store, got in their cars, and drove the equivalent of three blocks to the next store. Thanks to Roy, Griffin knew how to get in and out of a locked car in under a minute.

He could do it even when someone was climbing out of the next car, and they wouldnt notice a thing. Sometimes, just for a thrill, Griffin would even give a nod as he straightened up with the J. Crew bag or the box from Abercrombie. Then he would stroll down to his own car, parked near one of the exits, and put the bags in the trunk.

After the trunk was full, he would drive into Portland and across the river to Eighty-second Avenue, where any of a string of secondhand stores was happy to download new merchandise for resale, no questions asked. The Escalade had been a gift, a surprise present meant just for him. Anyone who was stupid enough to leave the keys dangling from the ignition, in full view of the world, deserved to have the car taken away.

And he couldnt wait to bring it home and present it to Roy. Thats what Griffin had thought, anyway, until the blanket in the backseat turned out to have a girl underneath it.

Ignoring the girl, ignoring his own panicked thoughts, the explanations and rationalizations he was already practicing for when he got back home, Griffin drove as fast as he could without losing control. Too fast for her to risk jumping out. He kept his head half turned, one eye on the 12 road and the other on her.

Weaving around slower cars, Griffin took a side street, and then another, until finally he was on an empty road that cut through a piece of scrubland. On each corner, a big white sign advertised it for sale to any interested developers. As soon as he slowed down, the girl came at him, outstretched hands curved into claws, screaming like a banshee.

Her head was cocked to one side, and her eyes were wide and staring. She looked crazy. Maybe she was. Throwing the car into park, Griffin tried to deflect her, raising his shoulder and turning his head. At least no one was around to hear her. Her fingernails raked down his right cheek, and he could feel she had drawn blood. He had to do something, but what? He squeezed between the seats. Griffin just wanted her to calm down, but he ended up wrestling with her, both of them struggling in a desperate silence.

Finally, he managed to straddle her and pin her arms to her sides. He was bigger than she was, and he was working on pure adrenaline. At least she had stopped screaming. The sound of their ragged breathing filled the car. He became aware of a quiet hum he had never had time to turn off the car.

Straightening up, he managed to quickly reach over and turn off the key. Im sorry, he said into the complete silence. Lets talk about this. But you have to promise that youll stop trying to kill me.

I will. She nodded, her eyes not meeting his. Griffin 13 figured she was probably lying. In the same situation, he knew he would lie. He exhaled. Look, its an accident youre here. I just wanted the car, not you. I didnt even know you were in the car.

Then let me go. Her voice was low and hoarse. She took a deep breath and then started to cough, a deep, racking sound. She kept her head turned away but still, little flecks of spit landed on him. When she spoke again, it was in a whisper.

Please, please, just let me go. I wont tell anyone. Even Griffin wasnt that dumb. Im sorry, but do you think I really believe that?

By the end of the day, my description would be handed out to every cop and broadcast on every radio station in town. A strange expression played across her face, the ghost of a smile.

See a Problem?

In the cold, the engine ticked as it cooled. But I wont be able to tell them anything. Didnt you notice that Im blind? Griffin stared at her dark eyes.

He had thought they werent really meeting his because she was looking past him for help, searching for a way out, assessing the situation.

Youre really blind? My canes on the floor. Still wondering if she was tricking him somehow, he looked on the floor.

Sitting next to a small black purse behind the drivers seat was a folded bundle of white sticks. He could let her get out.

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Maybe give her her cane, maybe not. She could probably hear cars okay, and it wasnt like there were a lot of them. Instead of getting run over, she would flag down the next vehicle that came along. But as soon as someone stopped for her, it wouldnt be long until the police were involved.

The brand-new Escalade didnt exactly blend in. What if someone passed by here only a minute or two after he let her go? He was thirty miles from home, thirty miles from where he could hide the car. It would be all too easy to track him down. And after that, it was still the same nightmare scenario. All of them locked up and the key thrown away for good. Better to keep her for a little while yet.

Ask Roy what to do, even though he wouldnt be happy about Griffin bringing back trouble. Better to bring it back than to leave it out here, ready to explode and engulf them all in the fallout. Besides, Griffin already had an idea.

Tonight, after it got dark, he could drive this girl someplace deserted and let her out and then drive away again. Leave her someplace where it would be hours before anyone found her.

Just like she asked, only with a lot less chance of being caught. But not here. Not now. Not in daylight. Not when a car might come by at any moment. As if to make the thought real, he heard a car in the distance. Approaching them. I cant let you go, he said, and was starting to add, 15 not right now, but before Griffin even got the next word out of his mouth she was fighting him again, opening her mouth to scream.

What could he do? She even tries to knock him unconscious on the day his father and his sidekicks go to get the ransom which they demanded earlier from Cheyenne's father.

I don't blame her for this, because this only proves that her survival instincts are functional. I really admire Cheyenne's extraordinary spirit and strength. You would probably think that being blind, she will just give up and surrender.

But this tough teenage girl will absolutely prove you wrong. She faces the problem calmly, and even tries to escape without the help of her cane. Her courage and determination to keep herself alive is indeed commendable. I couldn't imagine going through everything that Cheyenne has gone through - it was a really scary experience. And what's worse is that she's blind. Girl, Stolen is really amazing! I devoured the book in one-sitting. The story is fast-paced thrilling and heart-gripping. Even though I constantly feared for Cheyenne's safety, I remained hopeful for her survival.

The climax of this novel left me in awe with the author's creativity and brilliance. The twist she inserted made my insides churn with fear for Cheyenne's fate. I went Oh, no!

I'll stop here so that I don't accidentally spill anything.But why would someone else have gotten in the car? I couldn't imagine going through everything that Cheyenne has gone through - it was a really scary experience. Cutting in front of a red Honda, he took the next corner on two wheels, getting off the main road.

Scott Westerfeld. I watched her story that night and immediately thought, What if?

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