There is now a free edition of John D. Ireland's translation of the Itivuttaka. The translation is fluent and modern. This particular digital. Itivuttaka Chapsuttas, John Ireland, 56kbps Itivuttaka: The Buddha's Sayings translated by John D Ireland, EPUB, site, PDF · How. A while back the complete translation of the Itivuttaka by John D. Ireland was uploaded to Now you can download a copy as.

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The Itivuttaka is a Buddhist scripture, part of the Pali Canon of Theravada Buddhism and is -sources/sutta-pitaka-e-books-epub-mobi-site/itivuttaka-the -buddhas-sayings-translated-by-john-d-ireland-epub-site-pdf/; Tr Peter Masefield. Here is an ebook version of John D Ireland's translation of the Itivuttaka. There is an EPUB, site, PDF, and even docx version. PDF's come in. Itivuttaka The Itivuttaka (Pali for "as it was said") is a Buddhist scripture, part of the at

The book as a whole is aimed primarily at those whose lives are affected by the rules—bhikkhus who live by them, and other people who have dealings with the bhikkhus — so that they will be able to find gathered in one location as much essential information as possible on just what the rules do and do not entail. Students of Early Buddhism, Theravadin history, or contemporary Theravadin issues should also find this book interesting, as should anyone who is serious about the practice of the Dhamma and wants to see how the Buddha worked out the ramifications of Dhamma practice in daily life.

Most of his teachings he left in the form of people: the students whose lives were profoundly shaped by the experience of living and practicing meditation under his guidance.

The first piece translated here, A Heart Released Muttodaya , is a record of passages from his sermons, made during the years by two monks who were staying under his guidance. And the third, the poem The Ballad of Liberation from the Khandhas, was found after his death among the few papers he left behind. Also included are the events, locations, and people who were involved, to help make the passages easier to understand and more inviting to read.

How should I meditate? And why in that particular way? Here the focus is more on attitudes to bring to the practice of concentration. As he once said, the three trainings are like posts supporting a bridge over a river. The posts on the near shore and far—virtue and discernment—are not that hard to set in place, for they lie in shallow water away from the main current of the river.

The posts in the middle of the river—concentration—are the ones requiring special effort, and so they need to be treated in depth. His life was short but eventful.

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Known for his skill as a teacher and his mastery of supranatural powers, he was the first to bring the ascetic tradition out of the forests of the Mekhong basin and into the mainstream of Thai society in central Thailand.

There is an accompanying mp3 audio recording of this book.

It is a 66 MB zip archive containing eight mp3 audio files. These are valuable documents, giving a wilderness perspective on basic Dhamma topics. They deal in part with issues particular to Buddhist monks, but they also contain much that is of more general interest. Since the monks being addressed were at different stages in their practice, each talk deals with issues on a variety of levels.

Thus there should be something of use for every reader interested in the training of the mind. Fistful of Sand contains the translations of the Dhamma talks and question and answer sessions from that retreat.

Two of them have never been translated before into English, and four of them are based on entirely new Thai transcriptions of the best and most complete source recordings available.

The translations of these similes have been polished as little as possible, for their unpolished nature is precisely what reveals unexpected layers of meaning. He was especially talented at exploiting the open-ended nature of the simile - using a particular image to make one point in one context, and a very different point in another. Pachow — PDF 4.

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The Path of Dhamma: Step-by-Step

Ajahn Chah — PDF 4. Ajahn Sumedho — PDF 9.But they were, perhaps, in their individual ways, appreciative of some few words of the Buddha which they had come to hold in their hearts, and to recite regularly among shady trees, mossy rocks or calming streams — thus bringing the Buddha close to themselves Cf.

Rouse — PDF Byles — PDF 1. If what is wanted is a clear rendering for further distribution it would probably be better to take the source files of the html version and convert them directly with a tool like Calibre.

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There is an accompanying mp3 audio recording of this book. It derives mainly from the Tamrashatiya school. The complete collection, counting all its formulaic expansions, contains more than 9, discourses. The book presented here thus contains words which perhaps touch the deep truths of life in a most condensed way.

Francis — PDF

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