Boys Names A to Z - Baby Boy Name - Meanings; Currently we have 2 Boys Names Contains Meaning word Muslim in our Malayalam collection. Choose this app to find the largest collection of beautiful girls and boys names. If you like this app, please provide with your positive comments & good ratings. Muslim / Islamic Baby Names - Complete Collection Of Modern, Unique And Cute Muslim / Islamic Baby Names With Their Meanings.

Muslim Boy Names With Meaning In Malayalam Pdf

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Muslim boys names with meanings in Urdu- Muslim boy names starting with c, beautiful unique Muslim baby boy names from quran in Hindi, names in Malayalam. Muslim boy names, Islamic girl names with Urdu meaning Top popular Muslim boy girl names in America, Muslim girls names with PDF. Top Muslim Malayalam names, Tamil Islamic names, Bengali names of girls & boys, Most. MUSLIM NAMES OF BOYS. Abdul-Hafeedh: Servant of the Preserver. Abdul Hafeez: Slave of the protector. Abdul Hafiz: Slave of the guardian. Abdul- Hakeem.

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They are a perfect image of the majesty and faithfulness of Allah. View Names 0 Next. Click here to view shortlisted names. Show names meaning optional: Show names starting with the selected alphabet s only optional: Show meaning of the name: Find Baby Names.

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Malayalam Baby Names

A person who is virtuous with excellent character. Aadhil also means one whose actions are just and fair.

Popular Muslim Boy Names. Abdu Lrazzad.

Abdu- Rashid. Abdul Adil.

Servant of 'The One' who acts justly; Servant of 'the One' who is fair, honest and just. Abdul Hakeem. Abdul Haqq.

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Abdul Majeed. Abdul Matin. Abdul Muhaymin. Abdul Muqaddem.

10,000 Islamic Names Collection with Meanings in PDF >> Boys and Girls

Abdul Muqtadir. Direct Quranic Girls N ames. Muslim Baby Girls Names.

Arabic Names for Baby Girls. Latest Islamic Girls Names. Islamic Girls Names A to Z.

Popular Muslim Girl Names. Famous Muslim Girl Names. Islamic Cute Girls Names.

Pashto Names for Baby Girls. Islamic Baby Girls Names.

Muslim Baby Names with meanings

Muslim Indian Girls Names. Iranian Names for Baby Girls.Abdul Matin. Abdul Majeed.

Abdul Musawwir. A new baby is such a joy.

Abdul Salaam. So from the previous Hadith we can see that the time for giving the name is something flexible — and all praise and thanks are for Allah SWT — so it may be named on the day of the birth, or delayed until the seventh day after birth — just as it is allowed between the two and later on.

Show names meaning optional: Show meaning of the name: Abdul Hakeem. Abdul Muzanni.

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