Part of: PET Masterclass; Language Level: Intermediate (B1) 20 topic based units in the Student's Book give complete Cambridge English B1 Preliminary. Select the links below to download the complete audio for Proficiency Masterclass Student's Book ('Audio CD 1' and 'Audio CD 2'), audio scripts for all the. Intermediate. Masterclass. Students Book with Introductory Module . PET - Preliminary English Test. Intermediate. Masterclass. Students Book with Introductory.

Pet Masterclass Intermediate Students Book Audio

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Books for language learning Exam preparation PET Exam preparation PET Masterclass PET Masterclass Intermediate Workbook with Answers and Audio CD. Capel Annette. PET Masterclass: Workbook and Audio CD Pack (Without Key) Ideal for intermediate-level students, especially those interested in the PET. Level: B1+ Intermediate Description: 10 complete Cambridge PET Practice Tests . Cambridge Exams Extra - PET. Student's Book With Answers CD 1. audio.

B1 Preliminary Certificate in English, updated General Questions. Image Prompts.

PET Masterclass WB w Tests

And so on. B1 Preliminary Certificate in English updated Mp3 file.

It consists of 4 parts with a range of spoken materials including announcements and discussions about everyday life. This pack contains the 4 parts of the Listening Sample Paper for Cambridge Preliminary Exam B2 consisting of multiple matching and gap filling questions plus the answer key. Consists of 6 parts. B1 Preliminary Certificate in English, updated, Picture Prompts.

Consists of 2 parts.

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Global ELT, Tests The Workbook without answers provides further practice of language and vocabulary introduced in the Student's Book. The downloadable Audio contains extra listening material Cambridge University Press, Essential exam task practice for class or home study for use alongside a coursebook or intensively before the exam.

Maximise learners' potential with dedicated exam task practice for class or home study. This handbook is for teachers who are preparing candidates for Cambridge English: This is followed by a focus on each paper and includes content, advice on preparation and Heyderman E.

UCLES, Cambridge English: Preliminary is aimed at people who want to: Listening Audio Files: WMA Cambridge English: Four past papers with: Extra student activities. Extra exam tips. Extra practice for the computer-based PET. Student's Book With Answers.

Cambridge University Press. Essential exam practice, tips and strategies are combined with fun, communicative activities, ensuring lessons are varied and engaging - and that students are ready for their exam.

Project, Pet writing Part 1 Sentence Transformation is not about writing. It is about Grammar. The questions are Transformations, for example changing a sentence from passive to active. You can use One.

Two, or Three words Only. What this means is a lot of text on each page, and short, exam-style, speaking tasks rather than communication games and longer speaking tasks. This means that although the reading and listening texts are interesting enough, I would not recommend this book for any class where the exam was not a major priority.

It would be a good text for a class that was motivated to do well in the test, though.


Pet Masterclass Extra Activities and Tests with Answer Key are designed to help the teacher to place students at the right level at the process of studying and while preparing for the exam. The set contains module tests in 2 variants and several extra tasks on speaking.

Each test has grammar, reading and writing tasks. You'll feel very satisfying!

PET Masterclass Intermediate Workbook with Answers and Audio CD

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