You can download a version for any eBook reader, there's also an interactive Zack Arias (On Assignment Editorial), Alex Koloskov (Splash Photography, This. Tabletop Product Photography eBook. by Alex Koloskov. Attila Kun. This ebook is based on my product photography masterclass we held in August in. Mastering Splash Masterclass - This e-videobook is based on Alex Koloskov “ Mastering Splash” masterclass. It includes 4 hours of video from the class as well .

Alex Koloskov Ebook

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Are you looking for new clientele among larger ad agencies and brands? We can show you techniques to bring your work to the next level, and we can provide. This ebook is based on Alex Koloskov's product photography masterclass we held in August in Atlanta. During this 5 hour class Alex photographed seven . Save 94% On Photography eBooks, Videos & Presets HDR Photography Essentials pack†-†Alex Koloskov†- $49; The Photographerís.

It includes 4 hours of video from the class as well as additional information about the the gear used and shoot specification.

The full version of the e-book also includes a step-by-step post-production in Photoshop. We call it a masterclass, not a workshop and there is a good reason for this. This masterclass will show you how to get the true WOW shot. The one that gets you hired.

To get a better idea what of our technique, you can take a look at the images below. Part One: Technical requirements for action photography.

You see one of the end results at the top of this post. This part is actually a pretty good tutorial on product photography too. You will learn how to create clean and stunning product shots. Alex shows you different ways of lighting your product to make the light smooth, professional and appealing.

Post-production The final part of the workshop is all about compositing and post-processing the splash and product photos. You will see the entire workflow, and you will be able to pick up tricks like matching the color of a splash with the color of a product.

Alex and his retoucher who happens to be his wife show you how to compose different splash images into one image and how to create arbitrary shapes from these splash elements by using blending techniques and Photoshop tools like the warp tool, the liquify filter and puppet warp.

This enables you to set your creativity free and create almost any shape from your splash images.

Second part. Lighting the background.

Course environment This is an online course. The course itself is embedded in a learning environment that lets you control your progress, score points and get certificates. There is also a forum where you can discuss with fellow students currently over Overall, this looks like a fun environment that can really help you learn quickly.

If you simply want to watch the videos without any additional interaction, you can do so. The key to success is not solely the lighting itself, but the positioning and control of lighting direction. Experiment with the lights you already own. This same shot can be done with the lights you already have in your home.

Mastering Splash Masterclass

The composition for this shot was simple. I placed the phone in its docking station then placed on the black glossy surface, rotated about 30 degree to a camera. Let the shooting begin!

First part.

VT232 - Alex Koloskov - Liquid Photography Essentials

This was the result Two light setup : As you can see, the strobe from the right had more power then one on the left. I never use a flashmeter when working with products, as I use the luminance histogram and my eyes to judge the lighting.

I prefer to shoot tethered to my laptop computer and view the image on an external monitor. Its too boring for me:- , instead I work on individual shots where the lighting is set specifically for the individual product.

I want this to edge to be more pronounced and separate it from the background. A third light was added to a scene: Strobe 3: PCB E monolight through a stripbox was positioned above and about 2 feet behind of the subject.

The stripbox was aimed the to only highlight the top edge of the phone. This was the result Three light setup : Second part. Lighting the background. I know how appealing gradients can be to the eye in terms of making an image look more interesting and I like to use them any time I want to add some drama to relatively plain image.

I wanted to have gradient on both the shooting table and on the background.However, based on several inquiries from downloaders we realized that this would be good to include PP in the book. The course itself is embedded in a learning environment that lets you control your progress, score points and get certificates.

Learn from the Pros

The full version of the e-book also includes a step-by-step post-production in Photoshop. Post production: Creating the perfume final image: full post-production with video and step-by-step guide.

Detailed Review Alex starts out by talking about the gear you need, the camera equipment and about the best studio lights for splash photography.

Pros Cons This is the online resource in Splash photography.

Strobe 4 was flagged with black other side is white foamcore board to prevent spilling the light and to make highlighted area on the background even more narrow. Flash impulse characteristic explained. Two videos included.

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