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Download. Jump to Page 2 persiapan pembagian buku paket 3 pembagian . Akomodasi Perhotelan Jilid 1 Kelas 10 Ni Wayan Suwithi Dkk Uploaded. download. phisrebiberkotch.gq Views. 5 years ago. Untuk, · Tamu, · Kamar, · Bahan , . seni budaya jilid 2 smk · teknik alat berat jilid 3 smk - Bursa Open Source. Usaha Jasa Pariwisata Jilid 2 - Buku Sekolah Elektronik. phisrebiberkotch.gq .. Teknik Sepeda Motor JILID phisrebiberkotch.gq - Buku Sekolah Elektronik. Similar magazines.

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Of Geology, College of. The Journals are the official record of the decisions and other transactions of the llegeconfidential. Standing committee on general government. It has full- time students.

These international research programs involved. The City of Yellowknife is an inclusive employer. Secara umum kapal memiliki bagian-bagian sebagai berikut: lambung shell a. Berikut adalah bagian-bagian kapal secara umum. Kegiatan Belajar 1. Tujuan Pembelajaran a. Melalui kegiatan pembelajaran ini siswa diajak untuk mengenal, mengetahui dan memahami bagian-bagian kapal dalam bahasa Inggris.

Selanjutnya siswa diajak untuk mengamati, menghafal dan mengidentifikasi bagian-bagian kapal, peralatan pendukung, berikut fungsi dan kegunaannya. Uraian Materi The concern here is to examine more closely how words or ship vocabularies work and certanly are understandable in order to make a coherent and meaningful piece of English. The words and structures examined in the Grammar sections are used in the reading passages to show how they work in texts and exercises are given to check that the student has understood their meaning and uses.

Exercises are also given to help the student realize how sentences and paragraphs are linked on a grammatical and semantic basis to give a passage coherence and unity.

This insight will also help him with his writing. In order to show that passages raise questions as well as answer them, the student is sometimes asked to use his imagination to try and answer questions not answered in the text. It is hoped that these questions will stimulate discussion and a desire for further reading. Let s check out the example! Reading 1 Merchant ships are designed to carry cargo.

Now read the passage more carefully. Underline the words you do not understand.

akomodasi perhotelan jilid 3.pdf

Before you use your dictionary or ask your teacher, remember that the meaning of a word can often be got a from the context e. Use the information in the reading passage to complete t h e sentences. Merchant ships are designed to carry Liners are employed Tramps are not employed Specialized vessels are designed In the past a ship s log was a book for recording the distance a ship travelled.

Now it is much more. Discuss with a partner what information is in a modern ship s log. Study this entry in a ship s log and answer the questions: Wed.

The y put up a head line and a stern line The ship goes off into deep water. Vocabulary Amatilah Gambar dibawah ini! Identify yourself what parts of a ship you have familiar with. Gambar ini memperilhatkan kepada anda tentang jenis-jenis haluan kapal. The various shapesof the bow can be seen on the picture above. Mind to discuss and review the picture in detail either individual or in pairs.

Speaking Listen and Repeat the words that is pronunced by the teacher! The words are coming from the ship vocabularies based on the picture below. Stern Rudder Steering seat Bottom frame 2. Fair-lead Propeller Steering wheel Longitudinal 3. Cross bitt Boss timber Fuel oil tank girder 4. Hand rail Stuffing box Bench Bracket 5.

Bi-colored light Propeller shaft Cockpit Keel 6. Mast Main engine Cabin Planking 7. Mast head light Engine bed Store Seam batten 8.

Ensign staff Locker Deck Bracket for 9. Step Sofa Beam frame or gusset Quadrant Folding table Frame Chine member Gunwale Beam bracket 16 26 Latihan! Use these words on the right box to name the parts of the ship A H and name any other parts you know.

Stern keel rudder bows davit container bridge propeller Match the words on the left with defnitions on the right. It tells us about a period of time from the past until now. The result is still relevant now. The Boatswain has received a number of orders because of the storm. As soon as the Third Officer has come from his watch he goes to inspect the Boatswain s work. The deckhands have cleared away all loose gear from the deck. They have also tightened all the life boat gripes. Finally they have made sure that all the cranes are secure, answers the Boatswain.

The Boatswain has done a thorough job as always. The past participle has the ending ed for regular verbs and is the third form in the list of irregular verb Examples: I have written down the message.

A vessel has entered the fairway at Mouro Lighthouse. The present perfect indicates that there is a connection between past and present. This connection may be a result or a continuation of something that started in the past and is still going on now. Do these following questions as the examples.

Examples A: Your room looks nice! B: I've painted paint that wall a different colour. B: Yes, please! A: Emma has made make a chocolate cake. Do you want some?

Kate and I organise a party for Carly on Saturday. I hope you can come. The president begin his tour of Europe. It will last for a week. A: Does Sarah know about your new girlfriend? B: No, but I will. David is back at work today.

Your car looks great. I don't think Rachel is in the office today. Jack knows a lot about photography. I can't find any nice postcards. Are Mark and Sam here or go to the sports centre? Have you seen that movie many times?

You have not seen that movie many times. The exact time is not important. We CAN use the Present Perfect with unspecific expressions such as: ever, never, once, many times, several times, before, so far, already, yet, etc. Examples: I have seen that movie twenty times.

I think I have met him once before. There have been many earthquakes in California. People have traveled to the Moon. People have not traveled to Mars. Have you read the book yet?

Nobody has ever climbed that mountain. A: Has there ever been a war in the United States?

Also read: SHL TESTS PDF

B: Yes, there has been a war in the United States. The concept of "unspecified time" can be very confusing to English learners. Experience You can use the Present Perfect to describe your experience. It is like saying, "I have the experience of Examples: I have been to France. I have been to France three times. I have never been to France. I think I have seen that movie before. He has never traveled by train. Joan has studied two foreign languages. A: Have you ever met him?

B: No, I have not met him. TOPIC 2. Change Over Time We often use the Present Perfect to talk about change that has happened over a period of time. Examples: You have grown since the last time I saw you. The government has become more interested in arts education. Japanese has become one of the most popular courses at the university since the Asian studies program was established. My English has really improved since I moved to Australia.

Accomplishments We often use the Present Perfect to list the accomplishments of individuals and humanity. You cannot mention a specific time. Examples: Man has walked on the Moon. Our son has learned how to read. Doctors have cured many deadly diseases. Scientists have split the atom.

TOPIC 4. Using the Present Perfect suggests that we are still waiting for the action to happen. Examples: James has not finished his homework yet.

Susan hasn't mastered Japanese, but she can communicate. Bill has still not arrived. The rain hasn't stopped. TOPIC 5. Multiple Actions at Different Times We also use the Present Perfect to talk about several different actions which have occurred in the past at different times.

Present Perfect suggests the process is not complete and more actions are possible. Examples: The army has attacked that city five times. I have had four quizzes and five tests so far this semester. We have had many major problems while working on this project. She has talked to several specialists about her problem, but nobody knows why she is sick. Remember, the exact time the action happened is not important. Sometimes, we want to limit the time we are looking in for an experience.

We can do this with expressions such as: in the last week, in the last year, this week, this month, so far, up to now, etc. Examples: Have you been to Mexico in the last year? I have seen that movie six times in the last month. They have had three tests in the last week. She graduated from university less than three years ago.

She has worked for three different companies so far. My car has broken down three times this week. It is not considered a specific time, so it requires Present Perfect. Examples: I went to Mexico last year. Examples: I have had a cold for two weeks.

She has been in England for six months. Mary has loved chocolate since she was a little girl. Although the above use of Present Perfect is normally limited to Non-Continuous Verbs and non-continuous uses of Mixed Verbs, the words "live," "work," "teach," and "study" are sometimes used in this way even though they are NOT Non-Continuous Verbs.

Examples: 25 35 You have only seen that movie one time. Have you only seen that movie one time?

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PASSIVE Mengasosiasi - Mengkomunikasi Buatlah catatan dan kesimpulan dari hasil pengamatan, diskusi dan eksplorasi yang telah anda lakukan, lalu sampaikan dalam kelas hasil pengamatan anda! Refleksi Setelah mengikuti kegiatan pembelajaran ini, masing-masing siswa harus mampu menuliskan secara deskriptif atau naratif tentang beberapa hal dibawah ini.

Gunakan kertas tambahan atau lembar terpisah, apabila perlu 1. Apakah anda merasakan manfaat dari pembelajaran ini? Jika Ya, sebutkan apa saja manfaatnya? Jika Tidak, berikan penjelasan?

Apa rencana implementasi pengetahuan dan keterampilan dari hasil kegiatan pembelajaran ini. Apa saran dan masukkan anda untuk kegiatan pembelajaran selanjutnya. Tugas Asnwer this following question to test your knowledge of ship s motion. Tug b. Tanker 2 What do the words axial and transverse describe?

Rudders b. It is called : a. Yawing b. Waves from abeam b. Tes Formatif Each of these sentences has an error. Find the error and correct it. Do as an example. Example: Go forward towards a bows. Go forward towards the bows. The windlass are aft of the bridge. Crews quarters are in the port side. Help I out in the galley please. Go through the hatchway and into the deck. Report you to the bridge now. We paint and scrape a hull of this ship. The propeller are broken.

We not. Who the fuel-flow to the engine? It seems that we Oil products the environment for year now. Sikap Nilai diperoleh dari pengamatan guru terhadap keaktifan siswa selama proses pembelajaran berlangsung. Sangat Baik SB : apabila memperoleh skor 3. Baik B : apabila memperoleh skor 2. Cukup C : apabila memperoleh skor 1. Pengetahuan Nilai diperoleh dari Pengamatan selama proses diskusi kelompok, presentasi dan tes tertulis dan penugasan.

Bahasa Inggris Maritim Dan Perikanan 29 36 2. Kapal layar : Kapal yang digerakan dengan layar 2. Kapal Uap : Kapal yang digerakan memakai mesin uap torak maupun turbin uap 3. Kapal motor : Kapal yang digerakan dengan mesin motor mesin pembakaran dalam 4. Kapal kayu : Kapal yang konstruksinya terbuat dari kayu, umumnya diperuntukan bagi pelayaran di perairan pedalaman atau antar pulau dan kapal perikanan. Kapal Baja : Kapal yang konstruksinya terbuat dari baja dipakai baik bagi pelayaran interinsuler maupun samudera.

Kapal Dagang : Kapal yang dibangun dengan tujuan untuk mengangkut barang dagangan untuk memperoleh keuntungan. Kapal dagang berfungsi sebagai alat transportasi komersial di laut. Tidak dipersenjatai pada waktu digunakan untuk perang, digunakan sebagai kapal pengangkut perbekalan, kapal rumah sakit atau pembawa pasukan.

Kapal Penumpang : Kapal yang khusus dibangun untuk pengangkutan penumpang. Kapal Barang dan Kapal barang yang dapat menyediakan penumpang akomodasi lebih dari 12 orang penumpang. Kapal Curah : Kapal yang khusus dibangun untuk mengangkat muatan curah tanpa kemasan, baik dalam bentuk cair seperti kapal-kapal tanker untuk pemuatan minyak mentah atau yang sudah diolah, kapal tanker LNG atau LPG dan kapal tanker yang mengangkut bahan-bahan kimia cair.

Kapal curah kering seperti kapal mengangkut biji-bijian tambang atau biji-bijian aeteri Gandum grain. Kapal Container : Kapal yang dibangun khusus untuk mengangkut barang-barang di dalam peti kemas container , ada yang full container ada yang semi- container. Kapal Ro-Ro : Kapal yang dibangun sedemikian rupa Roll on Roll off sehingga dapat memuat dan membongkar muatannya dengan me-roll di atas roda-roda. Kapal-kapal khusus : ialah kapal-kapal yang karena sifat pekerjaannya dibangun dan dilengkapi sesuai dengan kebutuhan operasionalnya.

Contohnya adalah Kapal keruk, kapal tunda, kapal pemadam kebakaran, kapal pengeboran, kapal anti ranjau Kegiatan Belajar a. Tujuan Pembelajaran 1. Melalui kegiatan pembelajaran ini siswa diajak untuk mengenal, mengetahui dan memahami jenis-jenis kapal dan kegunaannya dalam bahasa Inggris.

Selanjutnya siswa diajak untuk lebih dalam memahami peristilahan Maritime English secara praktis dalam hal vocabulary yang menyangkut Kapal dan jenis-jenisnya. Bahasa Inggris Maritim Dan Perikanan 31 38 b.

Uraian Materi Pada bagian ini coba anda baca, cermati dan perhatikan dengan seksama naskah dibawah ini. Teks berikut adalah penjelasan singkat mengenai Types of the Ships.

The cargo transported in bulk commonly includes wood, coal, ore, grain, coke, fertilisers, cement, light minerals, sugar and sand. Bulkers usually have one deck, with the engine room in the stern and a deckhouse above it.

Holds are constructed with longitudinal and cross walls, called bulkheads. Cargo in bulk is easily stowed in between them. Bulk cargo ships are not equipped with any handling gear, except for handy size ones, up to 30, tons of deadweight. All loading and unloading is done by means of shore devices like grabs or suction pipes.

Some of them make use of flexible ductings and fans, which simply blow light cargo into holds. Port devices may include special conveyors that drop cargo inside. When one hold is full, loading is continued into the next one. Bulk carriers have large upper and lower ballast tanks to provide enough draught. Some bulk carriers are designed to function also as tankers.

buku akomodasi perhotelan jilid 3 pdf

Modern cable layers are as efficient in repair and maintenance operations as in long-haul cable laying. The internet boom together with the extraordinary expansion of telecommunication has led to the growing demand for vessels specialising in laying sub-sea optical fibre networks. The Cable Innovator seems to be the largest vessel operating in this market. The ship was built by Kvaerner Masa Yards in Finland. All cablelaying operations are carried over the stern, so the vessel can maintain a high speed and is not slowed down during cable work.

Moreover, it can operate successfully in extreme weather conditions. It has been designed to deploy a remotely operated vehicle ROV.

The vehicle is connected to the ship via communication tether. The most important cable handling equipment aboard The Cable Innovator is the electrically operated cable laying drum with various tension devices. The drum diameter is 4m long and has fixedangle fleeting rings and blades for controlling the cable work.

It is equipped with a special A-frame for handling the plough used for cable burial in the seabed. Furthermore, The Cable Innovator is equipped with an echo sounder and devices for measuring the length of the cable laid out. While laying cables, all main data are monitored, logged and printed out as a quality control. The control system can also display all data accounting for the tension Bahasa Inggris Maritim Dan Perikanan 33 40 of the plough tow cable when the vessel operates and can activate the alarm in case the cable tension gets too high.

When buried safely beneath the sea bed, the fibre optic communication cables constitute a vital part of our global telecommunication network. The shipyard design office team initiated and accomplished all the concept work on these new vessels. Along the way they were able to put into practice the yard s considerable experience in the field.

The delivery ceremony was held on 20th August , exactly nine months after the commencement of steel cutting. The second ship, the Thames Highway, exactly replicating the design of the prototype, was completed by the end of The largest car carriers of today can handle over units.

The Elbe Highway, with her overall length LOA of m and breadth B of 25 m, can carry up to units, so the total car deck capacity is comparatively small. In fact, she can be classified as the only vessel ever designed and built expressly for carrying vehicles.

The intention was to follow the innovative approach to world car transport. The crucial idea is to lower the cost of the port stay by means of employing smaller cargo ships, operating as feeders.

One is a straight stern ramp, another one is a quarter stern ramp. Each of them has a safe working load of 70 tons and a 6-metre long driveway. All vehicles ranging frompassenger cars to heavy movable machinery can be loaded and discharged through these two ramps.

For PCTC carriers, a stern quarter ramp offers considerable advantages for cargo access and handling. Its main benefit is that it allows the vessel to berth in the normal manner, that is alongside the quay, without the need for special shore facilities.

The motor vehicles carried by the Elbe Highway, and later on by her three sisters, can be handled at any port in the world, not only at Ro-Ro terminals with trailer quays.

The carrier is built with eight cargo decks in total. Two of them are liftable car decks. They enhance greatly the operational flexibility of the vessel. Unlike hoistable car decks, they have no integral lifting mechanism, but are deployed by a mobile deck lift.

Thus, the maintenance requirements of each of the panels forming the movable decks are limited. The arrangement of internal ramps and fixed car decks follows the main design concept to shorten the time in port. Namely, deck supporting pillars have been designed off the ship centre line, making the construction not symmetrical, but allowing for better cargo access. The navigating bridge is fully glass-shielded to improve the navigation visibility on icy waters. The prototype carrier has already joined the growing fleet of high-quality car carriers of high manoeuvrability and efficiency that are operating on short routes in the Baltic and North Sea regions.

Goods are locked and sealed in huge boxes of standard size. Containerships carry containers both in holds and on the main deck. In the holds, there is a special cellular structure of guide rails where containers are stowed one on the top of another.

That is why they can be also called cellular vessels. These ships usually have one deck, with the machinery spaces located towards the aft end.

Additional containers are stowed on open deck and anchored in place by wire ropes. Containerships have produced a revolution in water transport. The higher speed of around 26 knots is their main advantage over other cargo ships. In addition, the loading and unloading work with the use of shore based moving gantry cranes is extremely fast. The primary advantage of the use of containers is the possibility of transporting cargo directly from customer to customer, not only from port to port.

Container vessels have grown in capacity up to TEU. Large container vessels usually do not have their own loading gear. However, small, or medium-sized ones, called container feeders, are often equipped with cargo gear. Also, some multipurpose ships can operate as container feeders.

The activities 36 Bahasa Inggris Maritim Dan Perikanan 43 that take place aboard these ships include extracting oil and mineral salts, or catching and processing fish and crustaceans like crabs, shrimps and lobsters.

Thus, if we consider the function the ships perform, we can clearly distinguish between the extractive and processing ships. The first type includes trawlers and seiners. A trawler is the most popular vessel among fishing ships. Its name comes from the name of the activity, trawling, which means catching fish by dragging a fishing net along the sea bed. The trawl can be launched either over the ship side or over the stern. Spain and Norway have been taking the lead with respect to the number, size and the variety of trawlers built.

Non-trawling vessels can range from simple crafts which deploy a net, to fishing vessels that first lay out nets, even for a distance of a few kilometres, and then wait for the shoal of fish to swim into it. The typical representatives are seiners, tuna clippers and crab boats. A seiner makes use of a special kind of net called a seine net in the following way: the net hangs vertically in water.

Its top edge floats and its bottom is weighted and equipped with a rope. When a shoal of fish swims into the net, the rope tightens and closes around it.

Processing ships receive fish or other sea goods from extractive ships, process them into products, and bring them to ports. They must be fitted with special machines for processing, canning and storing. Pay attention to the word forms with -ing ending. You can easily notice that all of them have been highlighted in the reading above.

All the underlined word forms can fall into the following grammar groups and can function: as a part of any continuous tense form. Examples: He is fishing. They will be catching whales. The ship has been sailing for three months.

Examples: Racing yachts can sail very fast. Titanic was an amazing ship. Fishing boats are very popular in Iceland. Bahasa Inggris Maritim Dan Perikanan 37 44 as a gerund, which is a noun derived from a verb and describes an activity and always has the same function as a noun although it looks like a verb , so it can also be used as a subject of a sentence. Examples: Hunting whales is wrong. Catching sea mammals is prohibited in some areas.

Commercial fishing must be legal. TANKERS Tankers are vessels designed for carrying any liquid cargo such as petroleum and products derived from it, liquefied gases, chemicals, wine and water. There are gas tankers designed for carrying liquefied gas, either LPG or LNG, both of which need to be kept at higher pressure and at low temperatures to maintain the cargo in a liquefied state, and there are crude oil tankers.

The latter usually carry crude oil from a loading port near oil fields or from the end of a pipeline to a refinery. Gas tankers are often steam turbine ships. The boil-off, which is the gas evaporated from the cargo in order to keep the temperature low, can be used as fuel for the boilers.

Their capacity has risen right up to , tons and, consequently, their large draught limits their sailing routes.

There are only a few ports that supertankers can enter and thus they are mostly loaded and unloaded from off-shore pumping stations. The liquefied cargo is loaded by means of pipes from shore facilities and through flexible pipelines mounted on the jetty. A further step in the development of the oil industry is the Floating, Production, Storage and Offloading vessel FPSO , designed for off-shore purposes.

When a large vessel like a crude oil tanker is damaged by collision or grounding, vast amounts of oil may leak out straight into the sea. This explains the strict requirement for them to have a double hull. Reading The following passage is about different types of merchant ship. Before you read the passage, write down on a piece of paper the names of any type of merchant ship you know. Now read the passage. Bahasa Inggris Maritim Dan Perikanan 39 46 In comparison with cargo vessels, passenger ships are fewer in number and type.

Were any of the ships that you had thought of mentioned here? Grammar Here are some more connecting words for joining statements: because, herefore, however. Study how they are used in these examples: 1. Because gives the reason or cause a Multi-deck vessels have 'tween decks. Therefore expresses consequence or result a Ships are designed for many purposes. However introduces a qualification or concession a Passenger liners carry passengers. Now join these pairs of sentences using because, therefore, however, as appropriate: a Multi-deck vessels usually carry general cargo.

Some carry containers as well. They need a large number of decks. They have doors at the bows or stern. OBO oil, bulk ore ships are designed to carry both. They have large unobstructed holds. There is not always enough business for them on liner routes. Here are some more connecting words: although, consequently, as. Study the examples and decide if they introduce a clause of 1 reason or cause, 2 consequence or result, 3 qualification or concession.

Your answers should have been: a consequence or result b reason or cause c qualification or concession Read through this development of the reading passage in Reading Comprehension A and circle the words and phrases which the words underlined refer to. Note that when a singular noun is used with the definite article to refer to a class of objects, it is usually followed by a plural pronoun.

Using the information in the passage and the connecting words studied in Grammar B , carry out the following instructions: a. When we qualify a statement we often add a reason. Use your imagination and knowledge to answer these questions: 42 Bahasa Inggris Maritim Dan Perikanan 49 a. Why are OBO ships designed to carry both liquid and dry cargo? How do 'tween decks help stowage of cargo? Why is it more economical to run one large tanker than two smaller ones?

Why do general cargo ships sometimes carry chemicals? Why do passenger liners also carry cargo? Vocabulary Symbols, Ommisions The words which are written down in note-taking, either in full or in abbreviated form, are only those words which carry information that is relevant.

All other words can be omitted. The groups of words which we tend to omit when taking notes are listed below: 1. Auxiliaries be am, is, are, was, were , have have, has, had , do do, does, did 2. Articles the, an, a, some 3. Pronouns he, ', his, himself etc. Prepositions of time, direction, place, and when attached to verbs, adjectives and nouns.

Note: The above list is only a guide and the note-taker must make up his own mind as to what can be left out either because it is not important or because it can be added when the notes are expanded.They have doors at the bows or stern. Jika Ya, sebutkan apa saja manfaatnya? A very important type of boat is lifeboat. They must be stable in all conditions. Grammar Here are some more connecting words for joining statements: because, herefore, however.

A vessel has entered the fairway at Mouro Lighthouse. Dredgers are of three main types; they can be either bucket dredgers, which have a series of buckets which go down to the sea bed and scoop up the sand and mud; they can be suction dredgers, which suk up sand and mud like a very large vacuum cleaner; or they can be grab dredgers, which operate like cranes.

Buku teks Akomodasi Perhotelan ini terdiri atas tiga jilid yang merupakan satu rangkaian pembelajaran. Indonesia was colonized by Dutch and Japan. Articles the, an, a, some 3.

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