Enders. Starters (Series). Book 2. Lissa Price Author Rebecca Lowman Narrator ( ). cover image of Enders. Enders. Starters (Series). Book 2. Lissa Price. With the Prime Destinations body bank destroyed, Callie no longer has to rent herself out to creepy Enders. But Enders can still get inside her. Enders (Starters #2) ". By: Lissa Price. Epub Download Free, Epub Android, Epub Android, Epub Download Mac, Epub. Audio Reader.

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download the eBook Enders by Lissa Price online from Australia's leading online eBook store. Download eBooks from Booktopia today. Enjoy this sneak peek at STARTERS by Lissa Price - on sale March 13th He hires teens to rent their bodies to seniors, known as enders, who get to be young . Ebook Detail: Author: Lissa Price Pages: pages Publisher He hires teens to rent their bodies to Enders?seniors who want to be young.

Great read. Got this book from the library. Dec 15, Ms. Yingling rated it really liked it. Callie is back, and things are greatly improved. She is living in Helena's house with her brother Tyler, and friend Michael is nearby, although he is still hurt by her relationship with Blake.

While at the mall to download Tyler new shoes, Callie sees Reece, another worker at Prime, but she looks a bit odd and then blows up!

Callie knew that the chip installed in her when she was working at being a vehicle for "ender" tourists still gave her trouble, but since she is still hearing the Old Man in her Callie is back, and things are greatly improved.

Callie knew that the chip installed in her when she was working at being a vehicle for "ender" tourists still gave her trouble, but since she is still hearing the Old Man in her head, she decides that something needs to be done.

That something arrives in the guise of Hyden, who claims to be the Old Man's son, but also claims to be against all of the work that Prime did. He helps Callie gather as many "Metals" as he can, and they have a large community of them in a compound that is inaccessible to the tracking programs the Old Man has. Callie is attracted to Hyden, but because of a scientific accident, he can't touch anyone. When the compound is attacked and the Metals taken, Callie knows that she will never be safe until she can find the Old Man and neutralize him, but she has many surprises waiting for her.

This had a lot of action, adventure, and some crazy good science fiction facets! The explanation for the death of all the parents the Spore Wars and the explanation of the social hierarchy still works. Callie's relationship with Helena who is dead but still present in flashbacks is interesting, and the twists are some that I didn't quite see coming. I am not fond of the new covers, because the original was SO super awesome. I didn't like this one quite as well as the first, but I'm not quite sure why.

Mar 03, Luzz rated it liked it. I found this book predictable and boring. The idea was really good!! It was getting some where at some point but as I kept on reading it became predictable.

Enders by Lissa Price

I didn't feel connected to any character, didn't even get to know them very well And Callie was soooo simple and plain. I felt like much of this book was wasted on things that didn't matter. And the end Was so rush I couldn't even enjoy it, it felt like the writer was bored with the story and just wanted to end it fast.

Damn wat een heerlijk einde. Zo spannend, flinke mindfucks, Lissa Price is een genie! Recensie zal verschijnen op mijn blog! Mar 28, Ithlilian rated it it was ok. Every new plot element in Enders had me wondering why the author chose to go in that direction. It's like every other chapter the author decided to change the direction of the plot. I felt the same way about the last Harry Potter book. The previous installment indicated we would be looking for horcruxes, what is this hallow nonsense?

Same thing here. Let's start with the relationships. To begin with I d 2. To begin with I don't like Callie's relationship with Michael. They are jealous when they are with other people, but don't have romantic feelings towards each other?

Callie also feels the need to protect her brother, but keeps failing at it. I guess I can see why leaving him alone practically the entire series could be in his best interest, but it is very weird. Our main character's main motivation is to build a steady home for her brother, yet everything she does works against that. Then there is Blake that thinks he should have feelings for Callie because he was smiling in a picture once.

We open with an awkward moment with them kissing and Callie not feeling anything. This new Blake is pretty much a shallow teenage idiot, and he seems pushy and uninteresting.

He learns he's in danger and about what's really going on and then poof he's gone, and we don't care about him anymore. Then there's a new boy who kidnaps Callie, and of course she's kissing him even though she doesn't agree with what's going on. I swear, every "kissing" scene in this entire series is awkward. There is not a drop of romance here, and it's all rather creepy. Abrupt plot change 2 went from focusing on removing a chip to all of the sudden bringing the body donors to one location.

Yes, that makes a ton of sense, bring them all to one place so they are easier to capture. Then plot change 3 more kidnapping, some experiments, and an escape. Plot change 4, new kidnapping and creepy world leaders making someone take their clothes off I really wish this series was written by someone else.

I would love for someone to say here's the idea: I don't know how many people would come up with this. The Spore War that doesn't really affect anything in the long run, random disjointed characters, abrupt plot changes, and people running around with really no idea what to do and serving little purpose. At least the first book had a general goal in mind, and came close to wrapping up nicely.

Then the author said wait let's cut off the last chapter of that, make it open ended, and have the characters do a bunch of random stuff in the next book! It's all just very weird, and not very good. Jan 06, The Twins Read rated it did not like it Shelves: This review can originally be found at The Twins Read. This book is a mess.

I was never really that big of a fan of Starters but I thought it was okay. Kind of a sketchy ending but yeah, I told myself I'd pick up the next book. And I did. Do I regret it? Enders basically starts off where Starters ended - Callie and Michael and Tyler together; Blake was being controlled by the Old Man, which if you think about it is so freaking creepy.

Callie just wants her family to be safe but that' This review can originally be found at The Twins Read. Callie just wants her family to be safe but that's not exactly possible despite the destruction of Prime Destinations because the Old Man is still out there. He's capable of accessing that chip in her brain and Callie's in deep trouble because the Old Man wants that chip and will do whatever it takes to hunt her down.

Callie was a huge problem for me. She's annoying. She's whiny.

Get with the program girl, the moment you signed yourself off to Prime Destinations you knew things were going to be very different.

What's the point of crying over what you lost? I wasn't overly fond of the way everyone wanted Callie. She's nothing special. Just a girl with a chip which just so happened to malfunction or evolve, really. A whiny, selfish incompetent little girl. Granted that what happened to her chip was interesting but How is it possible to like a character who says "I don't talk to liars, you lying liar. Such eloquence, Callie.

And can we just talk about Callie's boys? And the romance too, since they are intertwined. I don't get what those boys see in her, I really don't. And the romance was a little too forced. I mean the story would have progressed fine without it and would probably have been better so the focus would be on the actual story instead of Callie whining about Blake and what-ifs.

The story. Here's the thing - Enders is confusing as hell. The so called twists to the plotline had me rolling my eyes. And while there're more action scenes in this book I could have done without them because they were poorly crafted. I still don't get why all the Middles are dead.

I mean yes they were killed in the Spore Wars but Why target Middles? Well, it was probably used to explain away the absence of the adults which is pretty convenient.

If you're looking for dystopian, sci-fi books you're better off looking elsewhere to get your sci-fi fix, like Insignia by S. Kincaid perhaps. I'm sorry Enders, one rainbow for you.

Enders lissa price epub books

This was a really quick read, and very action-packed. I loved it. But the ending disappointed me a lot, which brought the rating down a lot. Dec 22, A Book Vacation rated it really liked it. To see my full review: This novel pulled me in and kept my attention to the very last page. Sequels are perhaps the hardest novels to write in a trilogy, but Price did an amazing job with Enders and I actually enjoyed in more than the first book in the series, Starters.

I felt that there was a lot more action in this novel, and it kept me guessing as it unfolded. The fact that I was better able to connect with the characters in this sequel was also helpful, To see my full review: The fact that I was better able to connect with the characters in this sequel was also helpful, and I found that I liked Callie much more this time around. Price really threw me for a loop with a few of her revelations within this novel, which made it all the more fun because I never saw any of it coming.

Callie is the main target, but not for detonation. Instead, she is wanted because of her unique ability to co-exist within her body at the same time that someone else controls it, as was seen in Starters. This makes her the only entity that can be controlled and used as a weapon, which is bad news for Callie and everyone she cares about. Imagine being taken over and having to control of your body, but being able to see and hear everything happening around you.

Also eins vorweg. Ich habe schon lange kein Buch mehr so schnell durchgelesen wie dieses hier. Einfach grandios! Leseempfehlung gestempelt!!!

View all 3 comments. Jan 16, Gina rated it it was amazing Shelves: Hang on tight — the plot is fast-paced with unpredictable twists and turns and a chilling antagonist who hides behind many faces. A great addition to every library.

Mein Lesetagebuch: Tag 1: Tag 2: Tag 3: Tag 4: Meine Rezi: I finally figured out what's wrong with it: Entire book consists only in dialogues, there is no depth in neither structure or characters. It is just an array of events. Yes, it is kind of a page turner, but it lacks any sort of emotion. However, as I said at the previous volume, it is entertaining enough to be read as a way of spending some time relaxing. May 06, Lindsay Cummings rated it really liked it.

I'm hoping for a 3rd someday!

Die Handlung um den Old Man und den Chip wird allerdings weiterentwickelt und ich fand dies sehr spannend. Der Schreibstil ist genau wie im ersten Teil sehr spannend und nicht langatmig. Es gibt keine zu detaillierten Beschreibungen und die Handlung schreitet stetig fort. Die Emotionen kamen bei mir an. Ich konnte mich in Callie hineinversetzten und fieberte mit ihr mit.

Lediglich ihr Bereitschaft einfach unverzeihliches Verhalten zu tolerieren machte mir ein wenig Kopfschmerzen. Die Spannung war wieder prominent. Es war an keiner Stelle langweilig, aber doch ziemlich durchschaubar.

Die Charaktere gefielen mir wieder gut. Aber auch die Nebencharaktere sind sehr interessant, allerdings gibt es nur gerade mal 3 die in der Tiefe ausgearbeitet sind. Callie steht ganz deutlich im Vordergrund und begleitet einen durch die Handlung.

Richtige Schwierigkeiten hatte ich nur mit einem Charakter, der hier neu in die Handlung einsteigt. Das Buch kommt ohne Liebesgeschichte aus, obwohl es einige kleine Anspielungen gibt und diese sehr gut in den Kontext der Handlung eingebaut wurden.

Ich muss auf jeden Fall den ersten Band mit dem Wissen aus dem zweiten Band noch einmal lesen. Es wurden nicht alle meine Fragen zur Gesellschaft beantwortet, aber der Haupthandlungsstrang um die Chiptechnologie und den Old Man wurde stimmig abgeschlossen. Von mir gibt es eine eindeutige Leseempfehlung! Starters Enders Eccomi qui che vi parlo di Enders.

Devo dire parecchie cose su questo libro. Almeno per me Bello, ricco d'azione, e adoro la protagonista Callie. Ma anche dei sentimenti. Ecco, io in un libro voglio un po' di tutto: Enders inizia un pochino di tempo dopo la fine di Starters. O forse no Si inizia tutto con l'azione, rapimenti, colpi di scena sconcertanti, e rivelazioni da lasciare a bocca aperta. I personaggi caratterizzati meglio sono: Sempre pronta a tutto. E' molto coraggiosa e intelligente. L'unica cosa che non mi ha fatto impazzire sono i suoi flirt, non riesco mai a capire per che team devo stare, le piace Micheal?

O Hyden? Vista la confusione.

See a Problem?

Infatti penso che sarebbe una buona idea realizzare una trasposizione cinematografica. Sono rimasta incollata alle pagine, mi ha proprio presa. Non riuscivo a smettere di leggere, e adesso una volta finito, vorrei riessere nella storia. Passiamo ai lati negativi, secondo il mio punto di vista. E stessa storia anche per il fratellino di Callie, Tyler. Ma troppo velocizzato. E non dico un altro personaggio per non fare spoiler. Piccoli spezzoni che mi sono piaciuti molto: C'era un'enorme differenza tra oggi e quando ero andata alla Prime Destinations.

Questa volta non ero sola. Al mio fianco c'erano due ragazzi che avrebbero dato la vita per me. E io avrei fatto lo stesso per loro. Cosa posso aggiungere? View all 8 comments. Ik vond deel 1 beter. Op sommige stukken was het een beetje saai, maar alsnog een geweldige serie.

Der Inhalt: Allerdings kommt sie nie da an, denn sie wird zuvor von jemand anderem gefunden. Meine Meinung: Viele Protagonisten, wie Callie, Tyler und Michael, kannte ich schon aus dem ersten Band, aber auch im Nachfolger kommen einige neue hinzu.

Mein Fazit: Ich vergebe 5 Sterne Jul 17, Anthony Sementilli rated it it was amazing. With the pre order, I got cards, bookmarks, a pin, a handwritten letter, a signed copy, and an amazing time. I wholly don't regret the extra wait, even though I died a bit every day haha! Lissa Price never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever fails to make your jaw drop.

I had to reread a certain sequence about twelve times to make sure I wasn't hallucinating. It totally turned everything I read upside down and made my adrenals go nuts. In other words, Lissa Price convinced my body that I was in the presence of terror using just paper, ink, and that ocean of imagination: I read this in one sitting, and Ive never done that before!

You definitely get the feel of society without it being told excessively to used frivolously. Lissa, on top of throwing curveballs every 50 pages or so, she is a master at painting a spectrum of characters that don't exactly fit into neat little moral boxes. She is a very mature writer and a pleasure to read: This, again, is a testament to how mature the book is. No cookie cutter love stories here, but there is plenty of interpersonal conflict that's fun to read, serves a purpose to the characters, and isn't cheap.

Also, it totally beats out Cassandra Clare's love twist of the Mortal Instrument Series in terms of jaw-droppingness, and I will say no more.

One of the best endings to a series ever. I won't spoil anything, but I will say you get closure, but she does leave the door open just a crack, allowing for the possibility to further explore this dystopia, without it feeling necessary.

CONS -Pace: I will say the pacing wasn't as good as the Starters. I thought the beginning moved slower, here. However, I will say that the climax of Enders definitely eclipsed Starters! Starters and Enders will always have a meaningful place in my heart and bookshelf and I can't wait to share this story with my fellow bookworms.

What are you doing!??! Stop reading these reviews and go to site, NOW! The Metals are waiting Enders Buddy Read 14 20 Feb 25, January 21st, 26 53 Jan 25, Readers also enjoyed. I read and enjoyed Starters , book 1 in this duology, very much. Despite the huge worldbuilding issues and plentiful plot holes, Starters won me over with its fantastically ludicrous premise and action-packed storyline. Unfortunately, Enders fails to deliver on so many levels. Picking up basically immediately where Starters leaves off, book 2 kicks things off with a triumphant if wary Callie.

Of course, Hyden also happens to be ridiculously good looking and a fellow Metal. Callie and Hyden start picking up Metals and trying to protect them, which leads to a predictable raid, which leads to a dramatic showdown in which the Old Man is revealed and Callie saves the day. Sort of. I guess. Enders , unfortunately, has little continuity with Starters — many of the former characters conveniently fade into the background, and new characters like Hyden are inserted into the novel in their stead.

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I mean literally, I laughed aloud at the big twist. And, naturally, when you remove the entertainment factor of the story, the plot holes and worldbuilding issues are that much more apparent. What was the purpose of the Spore Wars again? How did the world go to such shit in just a year? The biggest question that kept popping up as I was reading Enders , however, was why are you wasting your time with this book?

So I stopped. Suffice it to say, I was not a fan. Sorry, folks, but this was a big, fat DNF — my first of the year. You can read the first 50 pages online HERE. Thea James is half of the maniacal book review duo behind The Book Smugglers.

By day, she does digital operations things over at Penguin Random House.

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I was looking forward to this book because Starters was such a quick guilty pleasure read for me. Oh well, I have better things to read. I like your insights and dedication to reading and blogging about what you read. But given the intended audience of many of the books you are reviewing tweens, teens, and young adults , I think some of your language is unnecessary. Profanity erodes the credibility of your reviews, and reduces your appearance of professionalism.

Please understand: I am not old fashioned, nor excessively concerned with foul language.

But I am a librarian who advises hundreds of young readers, listeners, and viewers each week. Please help all librarians by considering your position, and how it reflects on us all. Children, teens, and even other adults will make up their own minds on how and when to speak like a sailor. It will not help young people to speak like that, and they might not understand that until they are older and have learned the hard way. Chris, thank you for sharing and expressing your opinion.

How you choose to conduct yourself during advisory interviews or on the job is completely up to you. However, this is my space as a reviewer. I can choose to conduct myself with as many expletives as I damn fucking well please.

But I believe in the power of free speech, free expression, and that readers — yes, even innocent teens and tweens! Expletives included. I want to believe that you have the best of intentions with your comment, but it seems to me that you are coming into my reviewing space, instructing me as to how I should or should not speak, under the guise of protecting young minds that cannot think for themselves.

It might even make him feel more welcome, like it was his kind of place. I am so excited to read this book! I only got to read the first 50 pages… I am about to die!

But I share your same reaction. I was dismayed by the contents of the second book.Why would they save an elderly person over a year old with kids and useful skills? Hello, Callie. I struggled to make my voice sound even.

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