View and download solved previous years (past) question papers and practice questions for PLAB entrance exam. PLAB 1 is a licensing exam taken by the international medical graduates (IMGs) who wish to practice medicine in the United Kingdom. We came across a Google Drive repository (discovered by Khan) which contains very useful material for the PLAB 1 exam preparation. Download PLAB: Extended Matching Questions. This book is an essential download for all candidates sitting Part 1 of the PLAB exam.

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Today in this article we will share stuff related to PLAB. We will share here complete Notes for PLAB by Samson. These Notes should be done in order to. We have suitable e-books, notes. and materials for both IELTS and PLAB tests. Three Mocks (The first 2 are PDF format the 3rd one is Scanned papers, clear Will be sent bit by bit into your email in order to make download easier. PLAB MCQs Dr. Khalid_s Explanation of MCQ - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. MCQs explained by Dr.

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This book has questions but has no explanations. I also did fischtest which has about questions. On top of those I did about questions from previous tests which I got from some friends of mine.

All those books have mistakes and spotting the mistakes is a good way of learning. After all the people who made the books are only human and no one can get everything right. Using forums like this can be helpful.

I didn't really give them much of my time, but my friends who did enjoyed the experience. Never give up its a very doable exam.

You just have to give it ure absolute best. Don't push yourself TOO hard.


Do not study for months on end. The test can be destressing and goes very fast.

Practice your English and make sure you can read fast; alot of people do not have time to finish the exam because of that.Basic sciences are not tested in too much depth usually with one or two questions randomly asked. You will only have 3 hours — minutes — to attempt questions, which makes it less than a minute for every question.

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Patient should be isolated in a negative pressure chamber in his house d. Audio CD is provided with each book to practice the listening section.

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