Books by Victoria Aveyard .. Broken glass, the iron skeletons of buildings, and Steel and glass sway like reeds in the wind, bending and breaking until biting. Victoria Aveyard – Red Queen (pdf, 1MB). Cover Rating: /5. Title Thoughts: perf! Victoria Aveyard – Glass Sword (epub, KB). The hotly-anticipated sequel to Victoria Aveyard's New York Times bestselling YA fantasy, Red Queen. Pursued by the Silver king, Mare sets out to find and recruit other Red and Silver fighters to join in the struggle against her oppressors. Copyright Victoria Aveyard

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This books (Glass Sword (Red Queen) [PDF]) Made by Victoria Aveyard About Books none To Download Please Click. DOWNLOAD PDF: Glass Sword - Victoria Aveyard Cărți Ya, Rouge, Livros, Vinuri. Vezi site War Storm (Red Queen Series #4) by Victoria Aveyard. Available. Glass Sword Best Free Books Online Read from your Pc or Mobile. Glass Sword ( Red Queen #2) is a Fantasy novel by Victoria Aveyard.

After all, I have seen so many impossible things.

Another escape will be the least of them. The click and slide of gun barrels echo down the train as the Guard. Kilorn shifts to stand over me, swaying slightly, his grip tight on the rifle slung across his chest. He glances down, his expression soft. He tries to smirk, to make me laugh, but his bright green eyes are grave and afraid. In contrast, Cal sits quietly, almost peaceful. Though he has the most to fearchained, surrounded by enemies, hunted by his own brotherhe looks serene.

Im not surprised. Hes a soldier born and bred. War is something he understands, and we are certainly at war now. I hope you dont plan to fight, he says, speaking for the first time in many long minutes. His eyes are on me, but his words bite at Farley. I hope you plan to run. Save your breath, Silver. She squares her shoulders. I know what we have to do. I cant stop the words from bursting out. So does he. The glare she turns on me burns, but Ive dealt with worse.

I dont even flinch. Cal knows how they fight, he knows what theyll do to stop us. Use him. How does it feel to be used? He spit those words at me in the prison beneath the Bowl of Bones and it made me want to die. Now it barely stings. She doesnt say anything, and that is enough for Cal.

Theyll have Snapdragons, he says grimly. Kilorn laughs aloud.


Airjets, Cal says, his eyes sparking with distaste. Orange wings, silver bodies, single pilot, easy to maneuver, perfect for an urban assault. They carry four missiles each.

Times one squadron, thats forty-eight missiles youre going to have to outrun, plus light ammunition. Can you handle that? Hes met only with silence. No, we cant. And the Dragons are the least of our worries. Theyll just circle, defend a perimeter, keep us in place until ground troops arrive. He lowers his eyes, thinking quickly. Hes wondering what he would do, if he were on the other side of this.

If he were king instead of Maven. Theyll surround us and present terms. Mare and I for your escape. Another sacrifice. Slowly, I suck in a breath. This morning, yesterday, before all this madness, I would have been glad to give myself over to save just Kilorn and my brother. But now Now I have others to protect. Now I cannot be lost. We cant agree to that, I say. A bitter truth. Kilorns gaze weighs heavy, but I dont look up. I cant stomach his judgment.

Cal is not so harsh. He nods, agreeing with me. The king doesnt expect us to give in, he replies. The jets will bring the ruins down on us, and the rest will mop up the survivors. It will be little more than a massacre. Farley is a creature of pride, even now when shes terribly cornered. What do you suggest? Her words drip disdain. Total surrender? Something like disgust crosses Cals face.

Maven will still kill you. In a cell or on the battlefield, he wont let any of us live. Then better we die fighting. Kilorns voice sounds stronger than it should, but theres a tremble in his fingers. He looks like the rest of the rebels, willing to do anything for the cause, but my friend is still afraid. Still a boy, no more than eighteen, with too much to live for, and too little reason to die.

Cal scoffs at Kilorns forced but brazen declaration, yet he doesnt saying anything else. He knows a more graphic description of our impending death wont help anyone.

Farley doesnt share his sentiment and waves a hand, dismissing both of them outright. Behind me, my brother mirrors her determination. They know something we dont, something they wont say yet. Maven has taught us all the price of trust misplaced.

We are not the ones who die today, is all she says, before marching toward the front of the train. Her boots sound like hammer falls on the metal flooring, each one smacking of stubborn resolve. I sense the train slow before I feel it. The electricity wanes, weakening, as we glide into the underground station.

What we might find in the skies above, white fog or orange-winged airjets, I do not know. The others dont seem to mind, exiting the Undertrain with great purpose. In their silence, the armed and masked Guard looks like true soldiers, but I know better. Theyre no match for what is coming. Prepare yourself. Cals voice hisses in my ear, making me shiver. It reminds me of days long past, of dancing in moonlight.

Remember how strong you are. Kilorn shoulders his way to my side, separating us before I can tell Cal my strength and my ability are all Im sure of now. The electricity in my veins might be the only thing I trust in this world. I want to believe in the Scarlet Guard, and certainly in Shade and Kilorn, but I wont let myself, not after the mess my trust, my blindness toward Maven got us into. And Cal is out of the question altogether.

He is a prisoner, a Silver, the enemy who would betray us if he could if he had anywhere else to run. But still, somehow, I feel a pull to him. I remember the burdened boy who gave me a silver coin when I was nothing. With that one gesture he changed my future, and destroyed his own. And we share an alliancean uneasy one forged in blood and. We are connected, we are unitedagainst Maven, against all who deceived us, against the world about to tear itself apart.

Silence waits for us. Gray, damp mist hangs over the ruins of Naercey, bringing the sky down so close I might touch it. Its cold, with the chill of autumn, the season of change and death. Nothing haunts the sky yet, no jets to rain destruction down upon an already destroyed city. Farley sets a brisk pace, leading up from the tracks to the wide, abandoned avenue. The wreckage yawns like a canyon, more gray and broken than I remember.

We march east down the street, toward the shrouded waterfront. The high, half-collapsed structures lean over us, their windows like eyes watching us pass.

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Silvers could be waiting in the broken hollows and shadowed arches, ready to kill the Scarlet Guard. Maven could make me watch as he struck rebels down one by one. He would not give me the luxury of a clean, quick death.

Or worse, I think.

He would not let me die at all. The thought chills my blood like a Silver shivers touch.

As much as Maven lied to me, I still know a small piece of his heart. I remember him grabbing me through the bars of a cell, holding on with shaking fingers.

And I remember the name he carries, the name that reminds me a heart still beats inside him. His name was Thomas and I watched him die. He could not save that boy. But he can save me, in his own twisted way. I will never give him the satisfaction of such a thing. I would rather die. But try as I might, I cant forget the shadow I thought him to be, the lost and forgotten prince. I wish that person were real. I wish he existed somewhere other than my memories.

The Naercey ruins echo strangely, more quiet than they should be. With a start, I realize why. The refugees are gone.

The woman sweeping mountains of ash, the children hiding in drains, the shadows of my Red brothers and sistersthey have all fled. Theres no one left but us.

Think what you want of Farley, but know she isnt stupid, Shade says, answering my question before I get a chance to ask. She gave the order to evacuate last night, after she escaped Archeon.

She thought you or Maven would talk under torture. She was wrong. There was no need to torture Maven. He gave his information and his mind freely. He opened his head to his mother, letting her paw through everything she saw there. The Undertrain, the secret city, the list. It is all hers now, just like he always was. The line of Scarlet Guard soldiers stretches out behind us, a disorganized rabble of armed men and women.

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Kilorn marches directly behind me, his eyes darting, while Farley leads. Two burly soldiers keep Cal on her heels, gripping his arms tensely. With their red scarves, they look like the stuff of nightmares. But there are so few of us now, maybe thirty, all walking wounded. So few survived. Theres not enough of us to keep this rebellion going, even if we escape again, I whisper to my brother.

The low-hanging mist muffles my voice, but he still hears me. The corner of his mouth twitches, wanting to smile. Thats not your concern. Before I can press him, the soldier in front of us halts. He is not the only one. At the head of the line, Farley holds up a fist, glaring at the slate-gray sky. The rest mirror her, searching for what we cannot see.

Only Cal keeps his eyes on the ground. He already knows what our doom looks like. A distant, inhuman scream reaches down through the mist.

And it is not alone. Twelve arrow-shaped shadows race through the sky, their orange wings cutting in and out of the clouds. Ive never seen an airjet properly, not so close or without the cover of night, so I cant stop my jaw from dropping when they come into view.

Farley barks orders at the Guard, but I dont hear her. Im too busy staring at the sky, watching winged death arc overhead.

Like Cals cycle, the flying machines are beautiful, impossibly curved steel and glass. I suppose a magnetron had something to do with their constructionhow else can metal fly? Blue-tinged engines spark beneath their wings, the telltale sign of electricity. I can barely feel the twinge of them, like a breath against skin, but theyre too far away for me to affect.

I can only watchin horror. They screech and twist around the island of Naercey, never breaking their circle. I can almost pretend theyre harmless, nothing but curious birds come to see the obliterated remnants of a rebellion.

Then a dart of gray metal sails overhead, trailing smoke, moving almost too fast to see. It collides with a building down the avenue, disappearing through a broken window.

A bloom of red-orange explodes a split second later, destroying the entire floor of an already crumbling building. It shatters in on itself, collapsing onto thousand-year-old supports that snap like toothpicks. The entire structure tips, falling so slowly the sight cant be real. When it hits the street, blockading the way ahead of us, I feel the rumble deep in my chest.

A cloud of smoke and dust hits us head-on, but I dont cower. It takes more than that to scare me now. Through the gray-and-brown haze, Cal stands with me, even while his captors crouch. Our eyes meet for a moment, and his shoulders droop. Its the only sign of defeat hell let me see. Farley grabs the nearest Guardsman, hoisting her to her feet. To the. She points to her lieutenants as she speaks, telling them where to go.

Shade, to the park side! My brother nods, knowing what she means. Another missile careens into a nearby building, drowning her out.

Glass Sword

But its easy to tell what shes shouting. Part of me wants to hold my ground, to stand, to fight. My purpleand-white lightning will certainly make me a target and draw the jets away from the fleeing Guard. I might even take a plane or two with me. But that cannot be. Im worth more than the rest, more than red masks and bandages. Shade and I must surviveif not for the cause, then for the others. For the list of hundreds like ushybrids, anomalies, freaks, Red-and-Silver impossibilitieswho will surely die if we fail.

Shade knows this as well as I do. He loops his arm into mine, his grip so tight as to be bruising. Its almost too easy to run in step with him, to let him guide me off the wide avenue and into a gray-green tangle of overgrown trees spilling into the street. The deeper we go, the thicker they become, gnarled together like deformed fingers.

A thousand years of neglect turned this little plot into a dead jungle.

Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard Extract

It shelters us from the sky, until we can only hear the jets circling closer and closer. Kilorn is never far behind. For a moment, I can pretend were back at home, wandering the Stilts, looking for fun and trouble. Trouble is all we seem to find. When Shade finally skids to a stop, his heels scarring the dirt beneath us, I chance a glance around. Kilorn halts next to us, his rifle aimed uselessly skyward, but no one else follows. I cant even see the street anymore, or the red rags fleeing into the ruins.

My brother glares up through the boughs of the trees, watching and waiting for the jets to fly out of range. I liked that she didn't know how to interact with the children and people kept looking at her like she was a traitor to both Red and silver.

I liked the way she kept the notes from Maven and the way she and Cal still mourned the boy they thought they had known. The ending. Now that was an ending. His expression is unreadable, but his meaning is clear.

With one hand, he points at his feet. His fingers whiter than I remember. I do as he says. I kneel. I sensed it coming but it was just as epic as I hoped. I know it makes no sense -he committed countless unexcusable crimes a la Darkling and Warner - but do we know for sure that was him?

Do we really? Did we see him actually hurt anyone in this book? Okay, well technically, he did hurt Mare with that branding thing but I just feel like there is some sort of explanation. Maybe somehow it protects her?

I dunno. I just know there is more to the story.

And do we know why she was in the prison? Do we really understand what was happening during that prison break out? Why was her hair graying and her appearance worn?

I tell you why: because there is more to this whole "Maven is evil" business than meets the eye. I am getting very strong Juliette of Shatter Me vibes where Mare is going to start to understand or find out more about Maven in the next book and help him struggle to redeem himself by the end of the series. Maven is not pure evil and I don't think he is the villain the way we think he is. I think there are other factors at play that will be revealed -like how we thought Warner was pure evil in Shatter Me only to find his actions explained away in the sequels.

It would make it easier to hate them, to kill them, to forget their dead faces. Your reaction to my prediction is probably this: And you can throw a hundred things Maven did in my face and tell me I can't explain all of that away. There are people who read Shatter Me who refused to forgive Warner.For a couple of years, he lived in the Atacama Desert of Northern Chile, where he learned Spanish and juggling.

Authorama offers up a good selection of high-quality, free books that you can read right in your browser or print out for later. Maven will still kill you. I see why she does what she does.

She's done it twice already. It took me a day to read Red Queen. Oct 02, Giselle rated it it was ok Shelves: Nothing happens This book is violently, almost abusively boring. Drea survived, but at a price.

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