Read "The Nine Lives of Chloe King The Fallen; The Stolen; The Chosen" by Liz Braswell available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first. Read "The Nine Lives of Chloe King The Fallen; The Stolen; The Chosen" by Liz Braswell available from Rakuten Kobo. Chloe King is a seemingly normal girl. The Nine Lives of Chloe King by Liz Braswell - Chloe King is a seemingly normal girl. She goes to class (most of the time), fights with her mom, and crushes on a.

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The Nine Lives of Chloe King has 3 entries in the series. Read 3 · site Book 3 · Adobe EPUB eBook 3 · cover image of The Nine Lives of Chloe King. Editorial Reviews. From School Library Journal. Grade 9 Up–The day before her 16th birthday, Book 1 of 3 in The Nine Lives of Chloe King (3 Book Series). The Nine Lives of Chloe King: The Fallen; The Stolen; The Chosen eBook: Liz Braswell: site Store.

Someone puts a note in her pocket at a poetry meeting warning about "the order of the tenth blade' but those guys don't make an appearance till the book is nearly over. Third problem, the writing just isn't that great. Most of the focus seems to be on a love triangle between Chloe, Brian and Alec and it isn't hot so who cares?

Chloe's friend, Kim, is much more interesting. It's too bad the story didn't focus on her. There isn't much excitement here, even with the idea of cat people running around.

Liz Braswell came up with a cool idea but gave no thought on making it work. Overall, a big disappointment. View all 8 comments. Jul 09, Czarinah rated it it was amazing Shelves: So before, I was just completely rooting for Alyec aka Alex because on the show he's so incredibly sexy, what with the accent and drop-dead gorgeous but yet somewhat conventional good looks. However, while reading this book, I feel like Brian's feelings were better conveyed compared to the show, and in doing so, I found Brian to be more and more appealing, and somehow just right for Chloe to be with.

The depth of his feelings for her can't possibly be compared to Alyec's. And his somewhat r So before, I was just completely rooting for Alyec aka Alex because on the show he's so incredibly sexy, what with the accent and drop-dead gorgeous but yet somewhat conventional good looks.

And his somewhat rugged, more seemingly male looks never hurt anyone ;D I find myself comparing the two male leads with that of the show, so I'm just gonna stop here Alex is cool Brian is better And Chloe… Chloe is a kick ass heroine who made me laugh, scream out of frustration, heart pump out of fright, soar with a feeling of Pride yes it's a capital P , and do my happity happy dance. Oh and a little advice for anyone who is contemplating on reading this series: View all 4 comments.

Jul 24, Demi rated it it was ok Shelves: The only reason why I even got the drive to read the three books was solely out of pure curiosity and the fact that I watch the show. I didn't start out with any high expectations, but even then it all fell short of what I was hoping for.

A good portion of the first book consisted of Chloe dying, discovering her new abilities, and being extremely hormonal and deciding to toy with two guys at once in that order.

Sadly that last part was the only one of the three that kept me even a little interes The only reason why I even got the drive to read the three books was solely out of pure curiosity and the fact that I watch the show. Sadly that last part was the only one of the three that kept me even a little interested.

The second book picked up with Chloe learning about her Mai-ness and meeting her new Mai family while being isolated from her mother and friends did I mention how much I disliked Amy?

The only true action is when she's running from The Order. I can't even talk about the third book because I got so bored with it that I ended up skipping parts and most likely accidently skipped the important Mai details I was actually looking forward to.

Now let's be honest here, while the Mai plot seemed important when convinient, the series as a whole was, of course, about the love triangle. Aleyc I do hope I spelled his name right was the hot, popular guy at Chloe's school who suprise, suprise turned out to be a Mai like her.

While I do love his tv-show persona Alek , this Aleyc was slighlty self-centered and as Chloe and Paul described him not the brightest crayon in the box. However, his scenes with Chloe were fun and light-hearted and actually enjoyable. But of course, the guy was doomed by the start of book 2 when everyone's favorite human said the of joyable 'L' word got to love them soulmates.

Brian Rezza is who we thought just your average joe who likes to knit and go to zoos in the words of Amy, 'gay'. But by the end of the first book we find out that he is the son of the man dead set on killing Chloe and was also sent by the order to befriend her and then help kill her.

I mean why wouldn't he? With the two-semi dates they went on he got to find out Chloe is funny and nice and perfect ha, really I'm being sarcastic.

To be quit honest, I actually kind of liked them in the begining of the first book but that was until Brian HAD to fall in love with her and tell her that. Sorry Bri, you and I ended as soon as that happened. I saw no signs of him falling in love with her or any reason as to why he would Chloe isn't the most amazing individual. And to think of it, I don't think Chloe loved him.

She only started showing any interest that wasn't sexual when she found out she could kiss him. She was into the 'wanting what she couldn't have' thing and then being misguided by the convenience of getting to actually physically be with him.

I'm sure if the story continued after book 3 she would have stopped and said, 'wow Brian is really boring. Where's that sexy Aleyc guy that I dumped and who is now dating my bestfriend? View 1 comment. Aug 05, Saniya marked it as to-read. Team Brian Bitches!

View all 11 comments. Sep 11, Sifra brilliant bookshelf rated it it was ok Shelves: Unfortunately, this turned out to be one of those situations where the show is actually better than the book.

When I first opened the book I was immensely excited. It started out okay, not really as good as I expected but introductions are hard so I continued reading because I hope for more. Around 50 or pages I was struggling so hard to get through it that I put the book away for a while. Needless to say, the dissapointment was huge.

I picked it a few weeks ago again, determined to read through the rest of it. There were a lot of things that bothered me. I found the writing toneless and undescriptive, with dialogues that were often uncalled for and boring.

Comments or scenes that were supposed to be witty or funny only made me frown.


I feel as though the writing lacked the mood and tone that it was supposed to have. She seemed naive and snotty and there was no character development at all. However, there were also things that I did like. For one, he is a popular lady-magnet who likes to have fun, but he also cares deeply for Chloe and wants to protect her. In a way, his character made up a bit for the lack anything interesting in Chloe. However, if you are looking for a light read, then these books might do the trick for you.

Yes, apparently I do have a thing for reading books that were the basis for cancelled supernatural teen shows. Deal with it. So this omnibus is 3 books in one, and honestly, it's not half bad. Here's the premise: A girl finds out she has feline abilities because she is descended from an ancient race called the Mai, and it really isn't nearly as cheesy as it sounds. She has heightened senses, acrobatic balance, and retractable claws on her hands and feet.

Oh, and 9 lives too, because that's the nam Yes, apparently I do have a thing for reading books that were the basis for cancelled supernatural teen shows.

Oh, and 9 lives too, because that's the name of the series. Anyway, there are also hunters of the Mai because all supernatural races have to have hunters on these series for some reason and OMGee she falls in love with the son of the leader of her enemy.

BUT, there's also a love triangle because there has to be! I think it's even in the YA Rule Book It's another fun popcorn series and it's a much better cat superpower story than Halle Berry's Catwoman. View all 3 comments. Jun 11, Chloe rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: On this page you see a lot of good reviews and bad.

But forget them all! I didn't so much choose to read the book as did I have it thrown at me like a baseball, but when it was in my hands; I looked closer. Through the first book, Chloe caught my attention in ways that I will never forget. When she discovered her new powers, I was amazed. Through the entire first book, she held my attention.

Each night, I was left begging for more. Although Chloe was very I loved every single character in the book the second I met them. When the book was over, I was left wanting more. The second book was amazing. Between other kitties and boy drama, I was stunned like a hit from a taser. It was in this section of the trilogy that I got a little greedy with the book.

It was so amazing. Every second, my eyebrows raised a little higher. If you were sitting with me while I read, you would see At this point the book was my companion.

I took it everywhere. Every spare second I had I would read. The third book scared me a little. Most book series end quick, shutting all the characters out and ending the plot line like a drop off a cliff. I didn't want to just be reading the last book to end the series, I wanted to enjoy it.

And I did. Every flip of a page led to a new adventure, more heartbreak, or something else amazing. I couldn't set the book down. The book opened a world of smiles and it made me so happy to be a part of it. And when the books are over, do not despair!!! The t. And if after that, and your fetish is not cured, like me don't worry. From the looks of it, and the way the threads were left loose, something tells me that another book is brewing! And after you read it, food for thought, Team Brian or Team Aleck?

So sexy! View 2 comments. Feb 08, Katherine rated it really liked it Shelves: In my case it was on net flicks, well after its airing on ABC and with all ten episodes at my fingertips and the ability to look up and find out that the series had not been picked up for a second season I came to the book looking for, originally answers; after reading the re The Nine Lives of Chloe King written by Liz Braswell writing as Celia Thomson I have to admit that I started reading this book series for the same reason that many other people did in the last year or so…I saw the TV series.

In my case it was on net flicks, well after its airing on ABC and with all ten episodes at my fingertips and the ability to look up and find out that the series had not been picked up for a second season I came to the book looking for, originally answers; after reading the reviews and getting the general gist that the book and show were quite divergent I settled on replacing the cliffhanger in my mind from the show to a hopefully more decisive ending book series.

I understand a bit more about some of the grumbling from the family-friendly TV series to the teen directed written word, and have decided I am among the lucky to be able to enjoy both, albeit in different ways.

This book was a good ride; following the teen transformation archetype, it was in turns highly hormonal and completely clueless, with the interpersonal spats of any high school cast and the added twist of an unexpected metamorphous.

The Fallen is a journey through the teen experience that was well written enough that I enjoyed it even out of my teens.

It had more shades of gray. Where as in the televised version Brian is pretty much perfect; he is nice, sweet, shares his deepest self with our heroine, patient, funny, motivated, and has that mysterious past that he needs help with…in the book he is sent to make friends with Chloe as he is a fully cognizant member of the order that is trying to kill her. In the end we are left wondering whose side he is really on. Alyec in our regularly scheduled program is an egomaniac, but highly protective and well trained…whereas our book has him more of an adrenalin junkie with roving hands.

I personally found this a more likely high-school student. The TV series I felt played him a little too wise for his years. Throughout the book she is referred to only as Mrs. King, which flattened the book for me somewhat. King being our only address was a disconnect for me. Here is where we start our trip down the rabbit hole and a slight disconnect between books. My biggest problem with this installment was that she swallowed all of that for most of the book without asking too many questions, but I digress.

In this book Chloe learns about the Mai, her heritage and meets some fellow shifters. The stand out new character in this book is Kim, a Mai who has chosen a path of devotion that leaves her shifted at all times complete with functioning cat ears. Brian returns as an unlikely hero, our two human friends, Paul and Amy, get into the mix and a conflict between the Mai Pride and the Brotherhood ensue. This disclosure has the effect of halting the battle, disquieting some of the Brotherhood, awing some of the Mai and as we learn in closing making her a perceived intolerable threat to the current Mai leader.

The result of all this being that Chloe goes home, explains everything to her mom and at least thinks she is going to be able to re-capture some form of normal.

We shall see how well this hope plays out in the third and last volume of this series, tho going from the fact that even parts of her new family are now out to kill her I have my doubts that this is an achievable goal. It pulled together loose ends, allowed our hero to find her voice and carve out a place for herself in the world, and my favorite part…had a happy ending. I really liked this book series; I felt it was fun and imaginative and had a storyline arc that fulfilled the promise of telling a great story.

And while it did do the job of replacing the cliffhanger in my head that the TV series left, I am still left with the question of where THAT storyline would have taken me. A different medium, tone, and style—these two versions of Chloe King may have little in common but their claws when it comes to where their stories where taken and how they and their worlds progressed—and while I am satisfied that the written word did her justice and found a place in both her world and my heart, I am also saddened that the living color alter-ego was cut short.

Sep 17, Thalia rated it did not like it Recommends it for: Nobody and Nothing. Read the review on my blog: May 30, Arooj rated it liked it. I've been anticipating this book ever since I heard about the show ABC family is making based on this book. I've read many books about shape shifting, but none were about a person who suddenly develops cat-like abilities!

To be honest, the book was just satisfactory. The plot was pretty good, there was a decent amount of information and action so it wasn't exactly boring. But what made this book just OK for me was the way the story was told. It was like, one chapter would be just information abou I've been anticipating this book ever since I heard about the show ABC family is making based on this book. It was like, one chapter would be just information about the Mai, the next full of action.

So at times I was just tempted to skip paragraphs and just get to the action. This was a pretty long book since it's a bind-up of 3 books and it took me some time to finish it, but it wasn't mainly because of it's length. It just ruins the whole mood. Nonetheless, I actually really liked the story about the rivalry between the Mai and The Tenth Blade. The characters were mostly OK. It took me some time to warm up to Chloe since it's a little hard to like her when she's acting so She was a little rude to her Mom, which I didn't understand why, and I didn't like it when Chloe called her a bitch.

I mean, yeah, I've been mad at my parents before and stuff, but what exactly had her Mom done to make Chloe so pissed at her? She didn't treat he friends right at first, thinking too much about herself and how things affected HER. If the sudden need to jump every guy that passes Chloe was due to her transformation, well, it wasn't explained properly. She even goes on to date two guys at once and not even feel guilty about it. Thankfully she gets better later on.

Her friends, Paul and Amy, were pretty supportive and I really liked Amy. She's the kind of friend that even if you have a massive fight with them, they'll still have your back. Paul was just cutely dorky, but I didn't like his smoking habit.

The guy doesn't seem like someone who'd do something like that. Alyec was the cute, flirty, and sexy guy who I liked a lot. As for Brian, well, he already had me with the cat hat. Oh, and I almost forgot Kim.

Let's just say her REAL cat ears just freaked. The romance was, also, just OK. I think Brian falling in love with Chloe was a bit rushed, and Chloe and Alyec's relationship wasn't really a relationship, more like two people just hooking up whenever they can.

Though I admit, they're were some pretty hot scenes between those two. Usually I love love triangles but I was just too mad at Chloe for two-timing to enjoy it. I also really liked Paul and Amy together, they're just so cute. But they are one of the reasons I didn't like the ending. And Alyec and Amy? Really, where did THAT come from when they barely spoke to each other before? Actually, it reminded me a lot of the House of Night series. Not gonna point out any similarities, but if you read HoN and this book, you may find some.

I wasn't happy with the ending for a few reasons, and I would have liked it if the author had shown us what would happen to Chloe in the future. I just watched the first episode of the show adaptation of this book and I honestly like the show more.

There are definitely some changes, but eh, whatever. So, I would recommend this book to others but for me it wasn't a total "Wow" book. But I do want a cat now.

Sep 14, Ana rated it really liked it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Easy read. Different from the Tv-Show. How different? Lets see: We actually see a teenage girl trying to understand what the hell happened in her life.

We never manage to see how strong she is mentally in the series. In the series, Brian has no idea who his father is and what he does. He doesn't even know what Chloe is for that matter. He only knows he likes her. In the books, Brian Easy read. In the books, Brian not only knows everything about the Mai and his father's organization but he's actually a member whose mission is to get close to Chloe.

Or not so much. I'm not really sure. In the series Alec seemed to take things way more slowly with Chloe. They only kiss once and he never tells her he likes her despite some jealous acts. In fact, we seem to be able to understand from the start that he loves her but doesn't admit it.

In the books Alyec is more forward in his relationship with Chloe. They almost immediately start hanging out together and making out. You sense that he likes her her but he's not in love with her. Over-protective and a great mom despite her insecurities. Amy is out going, stubborn and a little weird. Paul is shy, calm and pretty much a geek.

As you probably know by now the Tv-Show was cancelled. This was actually the main reason for reading the books.

The Fallen

I wanted to know how it all ended. Brian finds Chloe dying and kisses her. When she comes back Brian is laid down next to her. We don't get to see if he is dead or not. The head of the Mai, a woman, is killed by an assassin of Brian's dad organization. Her daughter a character that doesn't exist in the books is seen falling on the floor injured next to her mother's body. Unsure if she survives or not. Alec barges through the door, gets face to face with the assassin and discovers the guy is his brother.

We seen them start fighting. Chloe releases the Mai from the curse that didn't allow them to touch humans. Alyec and Chloe come to an end but stay strong friends.

Alyec kisses Amy and they start dating. Chloe offers truce to the Tenth Blade. They ask a life in return and she agrees. She dies to settle the agreement. Brian and Chloe trade love promises. They go to prom formal together. Alyec goes with Amy. Kim goes with Paul. She plans to lead the Mai between college classes. My opinion: In the books, I liked it.

It was a clever way to end the story. It made sense and I was romantically satisfied. In the Tv-Show, not so much but of course it was supposed to be another season to wrap things up.

Brian never did much to me. Never felt like a real love interest. He was funny and cute but I always felt him more like a friend. His "death" was a bit of a shock but I wasn't too sad about it to tell you the truth. I have to admit that I hoped she would fall in love with Alec and they would end up together.

I liked his character on the tv-show very much. Amy and Paul actually made sense here. They looked very cute together and Paul seemed to be less shy, more capable of keeping up with Amy. That's the only things I would have changed from the books.

It made more sense this way in the tv-show. Oct 07, Jennifer rated it it was ok Shelves: My personal Pandora's box, is cliffhangers. This personal Pandora's box, had some help from TV. I Netflixed through the series, and found it shockingly shallow. But it ended, with a cliffhanger, wit My personal Pandora's box, is cliffhangers. But it ended, with a cliffhanger, with the apparent death of a main character.

And of course the show got canceled, so I was left in cliffhanger limbo. So I did what any compulsive about endings person would do, I went to the source. I thought the TV show was trite So romantic, the beeping of the heart rate machines, I'm sure it can be quite melodic.

And I have to get this out of my system, after a night of cat-aerobics, she notices some telltale blood on her panties Hello, period , and her first thought is, wow, I must have broken my hymen during that big jump.

Would you write that? As a girl, I can say, that yes, it may be something we think or talk about You should warn someone! That's awkward and weird and we don't want to read about that, unless it's a historical romance, or arranged marriage, because they can write that into the plot.

In the TV show they gave her love triangle a substance, where you didn't know who you wanted to win or lose, in my opinion. But in the book, she so sexually objectifies the two boys in her life, that it seems less girl power and equality, and more just kind of heartless and shallow.

She has a scene, where she makes one of her boyfriends take french fries from her mouth, in part because she wants to make-out because she thinks he is hot, and in part because she doesn't want to have to listen to him talk because she thinks he is too stupid to converse with.

The book itself has such an odd pacing. It read more like summary of a book, that just glossed over the details, adding just enough to flesh it out, but it was all so insubstantial. There was a story to work with here, a race of ancient cat people under a curse looking for a prophesied leader, along with an order that's bent on wiping their species out.

But if you are like me about endings, you'll want to know Oct 31, Maili Lampe rated it really liked it. The Nine Lives of Chloe King My friends and I always used to joke around about what it would be like to be part cat part girl.

Having paws being able to leap from place to place and running fast, what could be bad about it? Chloe King was once a normal teenage girl. Although she was originally adopted from Russia and her father had left her and her mom when she was young, she had a normal life. She had two best friends, Amy and Paul, and they did everything together. While at the vast tower, Chloe looked over the edge.

She slowly fell off and her friends panicked and ran down to inspect her presumably dead body. Chloe was surrounded by black, then she woke up. She stood up and went over to Amy and Paul, who were flabbergasted by the fact that she was alive.

Ever since then, things had been strange in her life. Amy and Paul had started dating, the hottest guy at school, Alec Ilychovich, had asked her out.

The Nine Lives of Chloe King

Thing at work were starting to get pretty spicy too. She had met a guy named Brian and they had hit it off! The Nine Lives of Chloe King by Liz Braswell is a thrilling novel that has edge and mystery but also is very relatable.

Chloe falls in and out of love, deals with school, and goes through life with a single mother. Near the end of the story, Chloe realizes how much she truly appreciates her mother, having raised her alone because her dad left, and acknowledging how hard it can be to raise a daughter especially one who is half cat by birth. The theme in this novel is very relevant.

There is a lot of loyalty that is not concealed by that events of the story. Chloe is faced with the option to leave her mom and go be with the people of her kind, that are part cat just like her, or she can stay with her mother and try as hard as she can to be part of both worlds.

When Chloe finds out that she is the leader of her kind by birth from her real mother she has to try and come up with a way to be a strong courage filled leader, and be the daughter and best friend in the human world. That is very hard for Chloe because she falls head over heals in love with Brian, who also brings complications of his own to the mix. Can Chloe survive all of this? Will she be able to have a unchallenging relationship with Brian?

Who does Chloe pick, her adoptive mother or her own kind? Jul 30, Annemarien Faraminan rated it liked it. I figured since I liked the TV series I may like the books. I took the new omnibus featuring all three novels, hoping I could get a head start on the series before it further progressed.

However surprise, surprise it was completely deferent.

At the beginning of the book they introduced Chloe as a no I picked up The Nine Lives of Chloe King because of all the new television series.

At the beginning of the book they introduced Chloe as a normal high school girl who lives with her mother which has no clue about anything. Then you learn that she was adopted by her parents from the former USSR, and that her father left when she was a child.

Later they introduce her two best friends Paul and Amy, who happen to be dating. Then finally you are introduced to Alyec, Brian and the whole Mai world. All that happens switches not only her perspective on things but her life as well. Now about the characters: Chloe was not your usual lovely female lead that you fall in love with.

I just couldn't. Chloe's behavior was completely childish. She was balancing her newly discovered abilities, two boys at the same time and doing a horrible job.

Then her friends Paul, Amy where not very likable either and Kim. To me her friend Amy was totally annoying, no concept of what friendship is or fashion. Paul was a bit better and more of a geeky boy. By far my favorite character was Kim she was interesting, funny, and more of a friend then her regular friends.

I think a sequel of Kim life would be great. Alyec was completely gorgeous, but ignorant and self center while at least Brian was more of a practical, everyday interesting guy.

Last the history: The Mai history seem interesting to me and definitely had potential for a great story. The Mai characters had so much potential and so interesting that it was a shame that we did not get to know more about them and the history of each person. Also her family history was explored much which leaves you a little hopeful for more information. I was just a little sad that they did not go into that history as much.

Overall the book was a bit boring, but it was OK. Jul 14, Christa rated it it was ok Recommends it for: I love the TV show, so I've decided to read the books.

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Out for Blood. Dark Heart of Magic. Once Upon a Dream: A Twisted Tale. Liz Braswell. A Whole New World. As Old As Time. Part of Your World. November How to write a great review.View all 11 comments. We actually see a teenage girl trying to understand what the hell happened in her life. Susan Dennard. A Twisted Tale.

On Chloe's sixteenth birthday everything changes. I definitely recommend the book!

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